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  1. IneptAttoney_08

    Unable to find file:

    I receive an error like in this image when I create a custom script for the item purchase confirmation window in Scene_Shop and this error also occurs when one of the actors uses a skill (Error does not occur when the actor uses a weapon) At first this error only occurred when the actor used...
  2. IneptAttoney_08

    Falcao Pearl ABS Liquid v3 - Iconset Addons

    Falcao Pearl ABS Liquid v3 - Iconset Addons by: Ineptattorney Description By default, Falcao Pearl ABS has the Iconset feature instead of the Graphics Tool. But the weakness of this feature is that the Iconset is displayed only from the Icon item itself. This script allows you to set the User...
  3. IneptAttoney_08

    Variable as Nearest Event ID

    Is it possible to set a variable as an event id? Event IDs that are used as variables are events that have the closest distance to the player. Please help me solve this
  4. IneptAttoney_08

    Falcao Pearl ABS Liquid v3 - Cooldown Stopper

    Falcao Pearl ABS Liquid v3 - Cooldown Stopper by: IneptAttorney Description This script allow you to stop the cooldown of Tools and State by using switch. For Falcao Pearl ABS Liquid v3. Terms Of Use Free for Commercial and non-commercial project. Remember to give me a credit on your project...
  5. IneptAttoney_08

    How to force input button?

    I'm looking for a script or tutorial to force the player to input the button without him having to press it. So the system can read that he has pressed a button even though he did not press it. is there a way like this?
  6. IneptAttoney_08

    How to use note-tags?

    I tried to make a costume description for my elbow. I saw TsukiHime's tutorial about making notes. But in the tutorial it only shows how to create notetags that contain numbers. while I want to make a notetag that contains a string. can someone teach me how to make it? this is the note I made...
  7. IneptAttoney_08

    Simple Map HUD with Variable Gauge

    Map HUD Introduction This script was created to display the HUD on the map. HUD Contains information on Face, character, name, class, HP, MP, Exp, Map, and you can add variables as gauge. Terms of Use Free to use in commercial and non-commercial project. Credit me for use this script. Script...
  8. IneptAttoney_08

    RTP Edit - Actor1, 2, and 3 Equip Weapons

    I was creating this resource for use in my game. but I added other actors in this resource. maybe next I will make for Actor 4 and Actor 5 Actor 1 Actor 2 Actor 3 Bonus! Terms of Use
  9. IneptAttoney_08

    Simple day and night cycle help

    I'm making a very simple day and night cycle script. While trying the loop function :kaosigh: This is the script: I use a common event to activate this cycle This is going very well. Until finally I realized When the player moves another map (Transfer player) the common event does not...
  10. IneptAttoney_08

    Assassin Monster Skill

    I made an assassin class that can be transformed into a monster. Its main weapon is claws on the left and right hand. I made the "Transform" skill which changes all other skill effects. then I need 1 idea for a skill that is not too strong, but useful. can be a skill for many enemies, because...
  11. IneptAttoney_08

    Draw Icon on specific actor face

    I created an actor with a skill that consumes variables. I plan to display the number of variables with Icon. Then I added this in the YEA - Battle Engine script But this makes the variable displayed on all faces of the actors. I just want to show certain actors. Can someone help me?
  12. IneptAttoney_08

    RMVXA Rethrea World

    Rethrea World v.1.4 (Google Drive 103M)
  13. IneptAttoney_08

    Falcao Pearl ABS Liquid Exp Patch

    Falcao Pearl ABS Liquid Exp Patch ▼ Description This script fixes the issue of exp on Falcao Pearl ABS Liquid v.3 where some scripts are not compatible with falcao pearl abs because the method of calculating Exp and gold in falcao pearl abs is different from the original battle system. This...
  14. IneptAttoney_08

    [RMVX Ace] Dekita Statistic Control

    I use the Dekita Statistic Control script. I use this script because other dekita's scripts need this script. but I can't add parameters to equipment by default. all I have to do to add parameters is to write Notetag on the equipment note box. Also, I use the Vlue's Weapon / Armor Randomization...
  15. IneptAttoney_08

    Falcao Pearl ABS - Life Bars

    I found an error when using graphics on Pearl Life Bars. number amount of HP intersects with Monster Name. how do you increase the distance between the Monster Name and the enemy's Number HP?
  16. IneptAttoney_08

    [RMVX Ace] Dekita Insane SPDS [Solved]

    I use the Dekita script, which is Insane SPDS. I made a Dexterity Parent Stat and added it like this. I added 1.2 ATK and 0.1 CRI to Dexterity. and when I fill Dexterity in the game, the CRI doesn't add up at all. But ATK still increases as normal. Why did it happen? Am I wrong about something?
  17. IneptAttoney_08

    Falcao Pearl ABS Liquid v.3 Iconset Help

    I use Falcao Pearl ABS Liquid v3 on my project. I use notetag User Iconset = animated on one of my skills. but this notetag only displays iconset of the skill, I want the icon displayed in accordance with the weapons icon used. is something like this possible? maybe someone can make an edit...
  18. IneptAttoney_08

    [RMVX Ace] Hime Conditional State

    I use the Himeworks script, Conditional Passive States. it is an addon from the Passive States Neonblack script. I want to make it where when the player uses the weapon type "Bow" then the player has a passive in state 13, if using the weapon type "Bowgun" then the player has a passive on...
  19. IneptAttoney_08

    Warning Area - Falcao pearl ABS Liquid v.3

    I use the Falcao Pearl ABS Liquid v.3 and I have difficulty fighting monsters because the area that will be a projectile trajectory or the area that will be damaged is not notified, is it possible to create a script...
  20. IneptAttoney_08

    Making Boss Specification

    OK, I plan to make a special script for my project, where players can challenge the boss just by talking to an event. So I made a scene that contained a window that contained the specifications of the boss that the players would fight. and I plan to make special script calls like...

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