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  1. Johnboy

    Giving players access to big skills early: thoughts?

    Just wanted to get some feedback on a possible adjustment I am thinking about making on my game. Basically, all of my classes use TP and most use MP for abilities. During the last several playthroughs I have noticed that for about the first 20 or so levels, a number of classes will pretty much...
  2. Johnboy

    Dream X Show Parameters issue

    Hi all. I know that Dream X hasn't been on in quite some time but I'm using their fantastic plugin that allows me to show extra parameters created with Quasi's Parameters plugin. I'm having an issue that when Dream X plugin is on, during Yanfly's victory aftermath, any parameter with more than...
  3. Johnboy

    More Intuitive Stat Curves

    Description of the Feature: Provides a way to generate curves based on level without having to manually input a number at every level Can have stat curves which do not have to follow a specific formula Mockups: Why is this feature good? This feature is great because of the following...
  4. Johnboy

    Storing Actor class in a variable so that it can be recalled after a cutscene.

    I've got a cutscene I'm working on for my game that requires my main character class to be changed during the cutscene then switched back afterwards. There are several classes to choose from and I would like to store their current class ID in a variable to be recalled after the cutscene. I'm...
  5. Johnboy

    Plugin modification: YEP action sequences/Battle Engine Core

    Hi all. I've made a short game that I've decided to use front view for. Unfortunately, Yanfly action sequences do not work in front view. I am looking for a modification that would at least allow movement since I have created sprites to use in frontview. If anyone is willing to give this a shot...
  6. Johnboy

    YEP Action Sequences: Premades/Requests Current Sequence: Driving Spike

    Hello all! I'm starting this thread as a compliment to the current Action Sequence Thread, which can be found here This thread will be different in that I will provide completely...
  7. Johnboy

    Front View battle sprite plugin

    Hi there. As the title says, I'm looking to have a plugin made that will allow me to use the map sprites in battle instead of the sideview sprites. While simply creating a spritesheet to accomplish this would be far easier and less time consuming, I am using SRD character generator, which...
  8. Johnboy

    Johnboy's Audio stuff

    Hi all. Been using some of the community resources and thought I'd start giving back by sharing some sound effects I'd made for my own game. Not sure how often this will be updated, and I just recently started making these so the quality might be lacking until I get more experienced in this...
  9. Johnboy

    Chnaging an enemy's actions depending on state

    I'm a little bit stumped on how to go about changing the actions on my boss to work with specific states. I'm using YEP Battle AI Core. I'm sure this can be done using this plugin but I will try to elaborate a bit more. My monster has several different states, only 1 of which can be active...
  10. Johnboy

    Create a skill that applies 1 of 6 states at random every 5 turns

    I'd like to make a skill that would allow my enemy to give himself one of six available states at random every five turns. I'm using Yanfly's Buffs and States Core  as well as various other Yanfly plugins. I'm sure this can be accomplished using Lunatic mode's Custom Apply Effect but I'm...
  11. Johnboy

    Iarva minimap

    Anyone know what I need to modify to use the current party leader on the minimap to represent my party? I'm not 100% sure what I need to change.
  12. Johnboy

    Enemy book V1.4 Showing element icons

    Love that the enemy book got updated and it works not too bad right now. I do have a small issue though if someone could figure it out. Could it be modified to read the text codes for icons from YEP Status Menu Core ? That would be fantastic. Here is what it looks like right now: (don't...
  13. Johnboy

    Victor Engine: Damage Popup

    Been trying to wrap my head around this for a while now but can't seem to get it the way I want. In the plugin settings for this there is an option to change the font size for your popups, currently it is the default this.standardFontSize() If I try to put in just a number to specify...
  14. Johnboy

    Creating an item that can only be used on a certain map

    Got another question for the gurus out there. I want to create an item that only functions on my overworld map and not any others. I'm not sure how to go about this. The majority of my plugins are Yanfly's, but if I need another plugin to do this, that's ok too. Any help or insight ( or...
  15. Johnboy

    Item Book (SkottyTV/Dragon updates)

    I've got the js of SkottyTV's ItemBook plugin, opening it shows the windows correctly but no data in any of the boxes. Ill drop it here and hopefully someone can take a look and see what/if it can be fixed? I'm sure several people would be very grateful (myself included).
  16. Johnboy

    Transferring TP skill

    Hi all. I want to create a skill that takes the users current TP and transfers it to another member. I'm hoping I can do this with Yanfly's skill core or something similar. My code is: <Cost Display Eval> var variableId = 102; var value =; $gameVariables.setValue(variableId...
  17. Johnboy

    YEP Counter

    Hi all. I'm looking to create a counter condition and counter rate for a boss I'm currently creating. Basically, I want the boss to automatically counter any casted debuff with a spell that clears debuffs. I'm not very good a javascript (I just started learning it literally a week ago) so if...

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