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    Hello there

    So, I used the very first RPG Maker 2000 back when it was released, even if I switched to 2003 soon after. Decided to join after seeing the MZ "(un)reveal", and see what I've been missing since 2003. I see a number of things haven't annoyingly changed, like arbitrary integer values for XP...

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Experimenting with an old 50's style face set. I have done about a dozen variations of face sets for my characters, but am never happy with the results for very long. Different attempts. Second one is the same character as the first image. The third is Ivan, another character entirely.
A them/they in a forest... a still for the game I'm working on.
Making a blue-magic-heavy game is very fun but there's a lot of extra hassle as well. Balancing skills for both enemy and player usage isn't easy.
BTW everyone on staff who made the forum jump, thank-you! This time I am not panicked and lost all rounds.
I'm not searching for bugs, just pleasant surprises, for now on ^^

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