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  1. Sora-to-Mikki

    Curtains (RPGMV)

    Hi! I'm having little problem with something I want to do in the RPG Maker MV, and i'm looking for some help... The thing is that i wanna do an event where i can open and close the curtains of a window as much as i want, but I don't know how to do it. I mean... I wanna know how to make 2 event...
  2. Sora-to-Mikki

    Pushing objetcs for puzzles?

    hi, everyone! I'm looking for some help... I want to do a puzzle pushing an object. Let me explain with a example... Imagine a box, in the middle of a room with two doors; one open, where u come from, and the second closed. I want that when it moves to an especific spot, sounds a "click" and...
  3. Sora-to-Mikki


    Hi, everyone! How are you doing? ^^ Well, i'm here to ask something, 'bout the RPG maker VX ace (obviously, LOL). And it's about the Tilesets. I'm developing my own and first game in this engine, and I wanted to ask, is there something you recommend me to create the tilesets? 'Cause I'm having...
  4. Sora-to-Mikki


    Hi, forum of rpg creators!~ I´m new here, and I wanted to ask something to all of u... Is related to the events in the RPG Maker VX Ace (engine that i'm using). I wanna do that when the character step in a space, a even appears. But, here's the problem. The thing that I want to do is this...

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