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  1. Mr. Detective

    Best size for message window?

    I'm currently making my game in 1280x720 resolution, and I'm wondering what size I should have for the message window. At first, I changed the size to 1280. But then I noticed that not everyone does this, and I don't see myself using the entire textbox, since it would be slightly uncomfortable...
  2. Mr. Detective

    RMMZ Graphic problem with MogHunter's battlehud plugin.

    Hello, I'm currently using MogHunter's battlehud plugin, number 1, classic. My game's resolution is 1280x720. Problem I have is that the graphic for the HP bar is not displaying correctly. The size of the HP bar is 86x11 pixels, the outer...
  3. Mr. Detective

    Position of X and Y coordinates?

    Hello, I'm using MogHunter's battlehud plugin. I've been trying to rearrange the layout of the hud and having trouble getting the right X-Y coordinates. I keep getting confused if I should add or subtract the x/y value to move something left/right/up/down. How exactly does this work? What do I...
  4. Mr. Detective

    What happens when you fail to hear police siren?

    I'm not sure if I'm going to get in trouble for this... Earlier, when I was on my way back to work, I might have had my music on a little too loud (though it felt just like usual for me). I was driving behind a red SUV, we were driving on the left and I noticed it was slowly switching to the...
  5. Mr. Detective

    RMMZ Reward MP for dodging or inflicting status ailments.

    Hello, I'd like to request a plugin that increases an actor's MP when they evade an attack or inflict status ailment on the enemy. For example, if I get lucky and evade an attack, I'll gain 2MP. This can also apply if the character manages to counterattack. Or if I use "Fire" and inflict...
  6. Mr. Detective

    RMMZ Battle voices not playing with action sequence.

    I'm using this Battle Voices plugin for MV in MZ. Yeah, I'm using an MV plugin in MZ. It works fine so far, no compatible issue or crash yet. But when I use a skill with action sequence, the voice doesn't...
  7. Mr. Detective

    RMMZ Use knife animation while equipping a gun?

    My character has a gun equipped, but for one skill he has, I want him to use a knife instead. So instead of showing his sideview character holding a gun, he should be holding a knife and move toward the enemy to slash it. Is this possible to achieve with action sequence? I've looked into the...
  8. Mr. Detective

    Remove the animation before a skill is activated?

    I replaced the original guard skill with a different one. It serves pretty much the same function with some extra bonus, except that it's now one of the special skills. Problem is that when I use it, my character would move up, do the animation in which he extends his arms out, before moving...
  9. Mr. Detective

    Recover MP is a skill is used? Status ailments?

    Hello, I want to let the player recover MP if they use a certain skill. For example, if I use normal attack instead of a skill, I'll gain, let's say 2MP, or 20% of total MP. What I've tried to do is add a.gainMp(Math.floor(a.mmp * 0.2)) in the damage formula. However, there are issues with...
  10. Mr. Detective

    (MZ) Requesting crosshair sprite.

    Resource Type: Character Maker Format: MZ Art Style: Beautiful, fancy =w= Description: I'd like to request two crosshair sprites, both 48x48 (unless you think smaller size is better), so I can put them into a character sheet. One is similar to the one in Time Crisis 4: a circle, a dot in...
  11. Mr. Detective

    Black numbers for HP/MP/TP are illegible in the menu.

    This bothers me more than it should, but I'll ask here again. I tried to change the text color to black, and while it looks fine in the text box, the numbers for the HP/MP/TP are illegible. Take a look: Not just black, but any other darker color, like brown or gray or dark blue are really...
  12. Mr. Detective

    RMMZ Additional Battle Voices.

    MZ already has a plug-in that allows you to put in voices when the characters attack or get hurt. But it's missing some features. I'd like to play a random voice clip when the battle starts, from one of the party members. Or if a party member (A) is revived or healed by another member, A will...
  13. Mr. Detective

    Visustella Menu - Strange lines.

    I'm currently using Visustella Menu plug-in. I notice that there are some strange vertical lines on the menu. Perhaps an issue with the windowskin I'm using, but I don't see anything unusual about it. Anyone knows what these are? Thanks in advance!
  14. Mr. Detective

    Thinking of getting a new Wifi modem.

    I've been having problems with my internet quite bad recently, about a few months ago. It has always been bad for gaming, but this year, it was the worst. All of my devices, note 3, note 10, PC, TV, tablet, anything that can connect to the internet have been getting frequent disconnections...
  15. Mr. Detective

    MZ is on sale on Steam but not here. What gives?

    I see that Steam is having a 20% discount for MZ right now until 11/23. But Degica shop still has it for full price. I heard using RPG Maker on Steam can be inconvenience. Do I get a key code or something similar to download/unlock the trial version that I downloaded from this website if I buy...
  16. Mr. Detective

    Are games with ripped resources still allowed?

    Are we still allowed to post games with ripped resources (fan games or not) on this forum? Last time I saw a game with DBZ characters was a few years ago. I know the rules say we can't discuss ripped resources and games with them will be taken down if asked. Does that mean as long as no one asks...
  17. Mr. Detective

    Requesting MZ modern clothes for male + female.

    Resource Type: Generator parts for clothings Maker Format: MZ Art Style: Something similar to RTP style is fine. Description: I'm requesting for modern casual outfits for male and female. 1. White shirt (polo or dress shirt) and blue jean for male or blue skirt for female. Casual wear for...
  18. Mr. Detective

    Do I have to talk to my bank again?

    Long story short: someone apparently hacked into my BoA account, and took out a lot of money and transferred/paid to another credit card. I already called the bank last night, and the agent told me they'll investigate it and see where the money goes and get it back for me. I asked if I need to...
  19. Mr. Detective

    Monitor seems to lack whiteness?

    I have an Asus MX279, and I'm trying to change the settings to make it as identical to my laptop as possible. I think I already did the best I could, but it's simply not as bright. Seems like it doesn't do white color very well, either. Changing color temp from warm to user helped a little...
  20. Mr. Detective

    Refuse FedEx delivery?

    Has anyone refused a Fedex delivery before, or knows what happens when you do? To make a long story short: I bought something from BH and Amazon last week, but no longer need them. The Amazon seller told me to just refuse the delivery and bring it to a Fedex center. He didn't say anything...

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