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    [VXA]Moghunter's Schala battle system [HUD]

    Hey guys Iam in need of some script editing since I feel like iam losing my mind trying to figure this stuff out myself  I'm at a point were iam configuring my battle systems graphics and iv stumbled upon a major setback or 2 actually. for starters , Iam using moghunters new battle system...

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V1.3 of Demo, a new concept artist on the team, character voices are coming into light more... I'm happy to say that the fangame is making good progress.
--- Stolen Item ---

M.Figher: I want to sell this Stone
Fence: Then...i can buy you 1500G
M.Figher: It's Deal!
(3 Days Later)
F.Fighter: M.Figher,Do you know about Stone that Mayor keep it in his Office? It's missing
M.Figher: Ahh,is that so... (Actually,i Stole it and Sell it to the Fence a few Days ago)
I've spent some cash on foley and other sound effects. I wonder sometimes if I made a poor choice, but I remember that I really want to improve the sound of my games. n...n; My frugalness haunts me sometimes.

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