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  1. Raider

    Mage Tower

            Please note, that the texts of some screens are in German. At the moment I'm halfway done in translating the game into English. I just wanted to present it here to get some feedback before I'll release a first demo in English, so I could do a few changes if something isn't as good as I...
  2. Raider

    Hi everyone :)

    As the title says, Hi everyone ;) I finally decided to be a more active member of this community, for sharing ideas an thoughts about the maker and maker games. I'm using the maker for a year now and I'm currently working on two projects, one for a contest (so it's not that big) and my main...
  3. Raider

    Raiders Stuff

    Hi everyone :) Here are my resources: Clumping Tilesets: Edits: Currently working on: A tileset (Edits+Clumping) for an alchemist/ poison mixer laboratory. Terms: The clumping tilesets and edits can be used both for, commercial and non-commercial. If you want to use them...
  4. Raider

    Raiders Jukebox

    Hi everyone! In my freetime I made some music and I thought that some pieces could be used well in rpgmaker games.   Nazgard Theme:…ard%20Theme.MP3 A dark fantasy theme.   DuneRunner...

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After a few hectic months, my hiatus is over, and I'm now back. Good to see so many familiar names posting. And a forum update while I was away.
V1.3 of Demo, a new concept artist on the team, character voices are coming into light more... I'm happy to say that the fangame is making good progress.

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