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  1. IG Maker and GG Maker...

    Hey guys, are IG Maker and GG Maker good? And is GG Maker a new version of IG Maker? Sorry if this is a wrong place to ask this, I'm not sure which part of the forum I can ask this.
  2. Can People Make Paid Online Tutorials...?

    I'm not sure how strict RPG Maker policy is right now. I'm wondering if people can make paid online tutorials on how to use RPG Maker MV, like on sites like Udemy... I'm not making any, but I'm hoping for someone to make one someday if possible...
  3. Can I Do Forward Compatibilty From VX/XP To MV?

    If I have stuff made in VX/XP, can it be transfered to MV? Also, can they be backward compatible?
  4. If I Preorder 1 Version, Do I Get 2...?

    If I preorder RPGMaker MV on the site, do I also get the Steam Version with the non-Steam Version? And also, if I preorder the Steam Version, do I also get the non-Steam Version?
  5. Can Enemies Chase And Attack...?

    Excuse me, does anyone know if it is possible to make the enemy sprites chase and attack the player character like in The Legend Of Zelda? Without entering a Final Fantasy-ish Battle Sequence?
  6. Will IG Maker Eventually Be On Steam?

    Though this is not about RPG Maker... I was wondering... Will IG Maker eventually be on Steam? Sorry if this is not the right part of the forum to talk about this, I'm quite new here, I only just signed up to the forum just half an hour ago.

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