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  1. RMMV Item synthesis Yanfly

    What is this problem, please teach me how to fix it!
  2. What is this bug?

    How can i fix it? Please
  3. A lot of problem ...

    1> type erro: undefined is not a function I tried turn off all plugin and only Yed_Core Engine on. And this problem still happen. I guess the Yed_Core Engine plugin have trouble here.
  4. small battle screen ?

    This mine Others How can I set my screen battle smaller and character position like the 2nd photo? Please show me, thanks a lot!
  5. Wanna Ask About CopyRights

    I created a project name Sword Art Online, I guess many guys know this name. And I use this anime's music (I mean audio, not a song) in my game, and create character base on it. Note: I don't mention about movie, I know it infringe copyright, I just ask about audio and character. Is this...
  6. Problem Skill Learn System Yanfly

    Did I do something wrong? I tried replace the item's name by (Item 85: 10) but It still don't work I tried turn off item core plugin, It works =.=!

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