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  1. curioushika

    Managing Switch and Variables during Playtest

    So, I just used the newest version of RMMV and it seems it can't open the Switch and Variables manager during playtest (by pressing F9) anymore. Is there any other way to open it, or it's just impossible to do it now?
  2. curioushika

    Items that has different effects on certain characters

    I basically want to make an item that fully restores the HP of character a, but only heal few hp for anybody else. more or less like "favorite food" item that is mentioned in this thread: which...
  3. curioushika

    Permanently Erase Events With One Event Command

    I've been wondering, is it possible to erase events with just one event command? Currently, the way I permanently erase events is by creating a blank page with erase event command in that event with a set switch. And if that switch is turned on, the event then will permanently deleted. (AFAIK)...
  4. curioushika

    Minimum Damage and Damage Rate

    I'm currently using Mr. Trivel's Minimum Damage to make the minimum damage become 1 instead of 0, and it worked fine. However, when I create a state that makes a character immune to an element (0% damage rate) it still deals 1 damage when ideally, it should deal 0 damage. This also makes 0%...
  5. curioushika

    Help with VE Cooperation Skills and YEP Battle Engine Core conflict.

    I'm currently using Victor Engine Cooperation Skills and Yanfly Battle Engine Core and whenever the game starts a battle (or when I test battles) the game crashes and shows these: I have no idea what's causing this, because I used several of Victore Engine plugins (Basic Module, Damage...
  6. curioushika

    Making events that triggers separately when player enter a room

    I want to make events (let's say 2 events) that trigger whenever the player enters a room. I know how to make the events trigger, but I don't know how to make the events trigger only when the player enter the room. For example: Event X will trigger when character A & B is in the party Event Y...
  7. curioushika

    Deploying the game without additional files

    Sorry if this question is rather noobish, but I just realized that some MV games that I downloaded only have .exe file and a www folder that'll contain the save file. While when I deploy my game the usual way, there will be a lot of .dll files and the decrypted assets that has to be in the same...
  8. curioushika

    Adjusting the battle window that pops up when you choose an item/skill that targets party member.

    As far as I know, by default, when you choose an item/skill that targets party member, a window will pop up where you can highlight the target character and select them. My problem is, that window currently looks awkward like so: I'm hoping to adjust that pop-up window, so it'll look more...
  9. curioushika

    MP Recovery Item in Victor Engine MP Level Plugin

    So, I've been using Victor Engine MP Level plugin, and I'm intending to make an item that will recover a character's certain MP level (for example level 1 MP) for a specific points, but the only "recovery" command that I know from the plugin is the full recover command which fully recover all...
  10. curioushika

    Removing Max MP status from YEP Equip Core

    I've been using YEP Equip Core, but as you can see from the screenshot, I'm using Victor Engine MP Levels, so I don't really need the Max MP display on the equip screen. But then I realized that to do that I have to tweak the plugin itself, which unfortunately I can't really do, so I appreciate...
  11. curioushika

    RMMV Sigils of Fate, a Suikoden-inspired retro-style JRPG (Playable prototype available)

    Sigils of Fate This is a project that I finally got worked into after it's been bubbling in my head for quite some time. My main inspiration is from Suikoden game (which unfortunately have no further sequels), so I made this as a kind of "love letter" for the series. While I'm technically...
  12. curioushika

    Make reserve party members only selectable at certain point

    As far as I know, the Formation command from the main menu enables you select the reserve party member to put them into the main party anytime, anywhere. Is there any way to make the reserve party member only available at certain point of the game? (like from the save point or by talking to a...
  13. curioushika

    Plugin that opens a specific part of equipment.

    I don't know if this is possible to do without plugins, but currently, I have no idea on how to do this without a plugin. Basically I want to make an NPC that opens the list of characters in your party, and then after you select it, it opens a specific part of equipment menu (for example Weapon...
  14. curioushika

    Awkward display using YEP In-Battle Status

    I'm using YEP In-battle status and I didn't change anything in it, but the display is just so awkward as it cuts the HP/MP bar in half. The instruction does not really show how to adjust the position of the HP/MP bar, I've put it below the battle engine core, so I really don't have any ideas to...

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