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  1. mightYXu

    Problems with spoiler tag and no reply preview.

    Just want to chime in on this thread: I'm having similar issues. Also would love to see a preview function on forum posting so you know how the reply will look before you commit and post.
  2. mightYXu

    Loading settings in character generator suggestion

    Hi, one minor q.o.l improvement that could be done to RMMV character generator is when you load a saved profile, MV should open the right TAB and show the character.  Currently, if you load a character, you need to go through all the tabs (male, female, child), in order to find who's been loaded.
  3. mightYXu

    How does forum permissions and privileges work?

    Don't know if there's a FAQ for this or if it's specified in a thread already, if so link it please. Anyhow, I've noticed that you get access to more forum content if you're a veteran poster. Would like to see more info on the privileges and requirements on this forum.
  4. mightYXu

    Large Animations

    I've just started using RPG Maker MV so I'm very much a newbie. Atm I'm figuring out my options for creating large scale animations. I want to animate a giant snake like body on the map. It's a simple concept, just one part repeating, moving forward with a slight rotation. This would have been a...

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