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  1. sorabokki

    Random Artist Popping In~

    Hi! I go by woobv and I am planning to join IGMC this year, as probably many of you guys are. ^ ^ I personally have only barely dabbed in RPG maker engines, so I had to call on the powers of a veteran developer~ Looking forward to making new friends on this journey. :D
  2. sorabokki

    RMMV ✨【Love Net】✨ » A (Dark) Web Browser Romance - IGMC 2017

    【 Romance ✦ Psychological ✦ Socio-Economic Issues 】 A game about love , desperation, and sensitivity. Explore the world of romance with web browsers while being exposed to dark, real world problems. Theme: Everyone is Beautiful Warning: Do not follow if you are sensitive to topics like...

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I've updated the background!
My first test playthrough of my game clocked in at 1 hour and 15 minutes. Once the opening and ending are properly implemented, I'd expect a blind playthrough to last around 2 hours.
This time introducing INDIVIDUAL terrain lights feature for upcoming MAJOR UPDATE for all of my MZ plugins.
Some drawing of one of 'Forgotten Eclipse' bosses: The Shifter
Today we be doing an unscheduled stream! Lets get some work done on the titlescreen for Lightestone! <3

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