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  1. highlord90

    Remove/Add Actor not working

    I'm working on a Pokemon fan game with MV and I have a fairly good system so far but evolution simply wont work because even when I say, for example, remove actor: Weedle, add actor: Kakauna, it doesn't happen. What does happen is that Weedle is reverted back to level 3, it's default level...
  2. highlord90

    Adding Skills by using skills issue

    Hello people for my current project I want to create a class that works by building power during battle in tiers. The idea goes as follows - At the beggining of battle player casts either Fire or Ice which adds a buff to the player Ice is for making this mage more tanky but removes...
  3. highlord90

    Small font when previewing text

    I'm working on a side project to keep myself in practice while I finish elements of my main project but then I noticed this odd occurance. The font in my preview box for text boxes is absolutely tiny and makes editing the text there and then over going into the game tedious :/ Here's a...
  4. highlord90

    Simple Item Limit

    I looked around for a tutorial on this and even a plugin but no luck, hopefully this workaround will solve some issues but it's not perfect. I bet Yanfly will be creating an Item Limit plugin in the future at some point but for now here's a simple common event to get those of us who want that...
  5. highlord90

    [Solved] Once working autorun event now not working

    I released a Demo of my game yesterday with an event that was working but as I was trying to get some screenshots for the forum page I realised that this simple autorun event refuses to work even though there is literally no switch needed to be active to run it... edit: Ho now...hang on...I...
  6. highlord90

    Made a game, forgot to introduce myself

    So I've already got a couple of forums up, one with a completed test game and the other is a project I'm restarting from scratch after the old data was lost and the backups got corrupted (thank you One Drive). Anywho, I've played some cracking games here and hope my 2nd title can be as...
  7. highlord90

    Runaway [DEMO]

    31st October 2015 - Runaway is being worked on once again :D PLEASE BE AWARE THAT ANY COMMENTS MADE BEFORE THE 31st OF OCTOBER 2015 ARE RELATING THE OLD, VX ACE, VERSION I HAD STARTED WORKING ON   RUNAWAY A Dark Fantasy by Highlord90   Current status: In production Demo Status: Released...
  8. highlord90

    Settlers Landing

    (I'm now working on my newest title, Runaway, which is far from complete as I'm planning on a much longer game than this one) *recent update* I have fixed the below mentioned bug with the slime balls, sorry that took so long but I've been busy with college, if you deliver 8 or more to the man...

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