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  1. DeusEx

    Starting point for text-based adventure game

    I want to make a game very similar to text-based adventure game "Lifeline"(Link on viki link on gameplay ) in RPG MAKER MV. Can someone please give me a good starting point / roadmap for this? Of course I can easily make map as a background...
  2. DeusEx

    I want to thank RPG maker community

    I would like to thank the community of this site for all help that you are giving us, ordinary users. Now MV Maker work in my Steam account and I am very happy to use this new version. And I'm sad to see how many people are always focused negative on the smallest bugs and defects in so new...
  3. DeusEx


    Not sure is it right place to ask, but: can anyone suggest me a web hosting for future MV games? Now for only small traffic - 10-20 visitors per day. And one more: does it possible to make/order a plugin to place save games in cloud?
  4. DeusEx


    I am talking about resolutions like 1024*768 or 1280*1024. It's very "old" resolutions.  I just can not understand why the capabilitiys provided by Yanfly's Engine (@NameofYourGod bless him!) not go as part of RPGmaker engine itself by default.  It like situation with SideView battle system in...
  5. DeusEx


    After watching today's video about plugins I have a question: why "resolution change" functionality not a part of RPGMaker MV itself? Don't get me wrong - I am extremely grateful to Yanfly for his Yanfly Engine Plugin, but why this functionality realized outside RPGMaker official developer? I...
  6. DeusEx


    Preorder RPG Maker MV today on Steam and very, Very, VERY happy! Build in sideview battle system + HTML5 export is awesome features. Now I am start learning JavaScript to use MV more efficient.  btw: from my point of view the current price is very low for this maker. It cost (same as VXAce)...
  7. DeusEx

    Hobbyist Photography

    You can look on my photos here In fact I start make digital photos since 2001, via 2 Megapixel(!) camera.  Now it's hobby + additional source of income. I do commercial photos from time to time.
  8. DeusEx

    Galenmereth's Box of Photography

    Yes, your cat is definitely awesome!
  9. DeusEx

    List of Unencrypted Games

    May I ask here: is Subterranean Starfield (LITE) don't use any scripts/modules and use only events?
  10. DeusEx

    RPG MAKER MV Discussion Thread II

    I don't mean JS  "superior" to any language including Ruby, I mean we can make any type of game/game mechanic based on MV if all classes are open. Or am I wrong?
  11. DeusEx

    RPG MAKER MV Discussion Thread II

    Look like we can do literally ANYTHING with JS based on RPGmaker engine. (if all classes are open)
  12. DeusEx

    RPG MAKER MV Discussion Thread II

    Does information on this forum about JavaScript in MV is 100% sure and we all can start learn it while we waiting for MV relise date?
  13. DeusEx


    Build in side-view battle system + higher resolution + HTML5! I am totally happy =) Absolutelly!  :) p.s. I THROW MONEY AT THE MONITOR BUT NOTHING HAPPENS!
  14. DeusEx

    IDE for Ruby (for RPGMaker scripts)

    Thanks for answers! Which version of RubyMine are you using?
  15. DeusEx

    IDE for Ruby (for RPGMaker scripts)

    I try to search for answer, but didn't found any info (may be because IDE as word is too short for site search) Does anyone use any IDE (like RubyMine from JetBrains for example) to test their scripts or before place it to RPGMaker projects? Or software like this doesn't suitable for RPGmaker...
  16. DeusEx

    Is any RPGMaker roadmap document exist?

    Is any RPG Maker development roadmap document exist? Can ordinary user of this software have an idea about future of RPG Maker? For example right now RPG Maker support only 640*480 resolution. Any plans to upgrade this? Thanks
  17. DeusEx

    How to turn off moving animation in Symphoria Engine while actor (hero) stand and do nothing

    If I do this actor's picture (animation) just not show at all (I don't see any image of my actor/hero in battle screen) Look like I miss something very simple.
  18. DeusEx

    How to turn off moving animation in Symphoria Engine while actor (hero) stand and do nothing

    Hello, let me explaine my question from topic title. As we can see on this video while actor (hero) on left side wait for player action choise he is moving (walks on the spot). How I can turt this animation off? I read manual and search in...
  19. DeusEx

    Any plans to make official patch/version/update with side-view battle system from ENTERBRAIN?

    Thanks you again one more time, sorry for so late posting - I was very tired after daily business. Look like all work perfect for me, but I still don't understud how I can add some new spells functionality to bosses
  20. DeusEx

    Any plans to make official patch/version/update with side-view battle system from ENTERBRAIN?

    I am upgraded my trial RPGMAker to full version today and start follow your tutorial, Thanks! One new question: can I use pre-build char's grahics from Actors collection? If yes, then how? update: it's work! but, it work without why changes in VE_SPRITE_SETTINGS in Animated Battle script...

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