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  1. DaedraTalos

    DaedraKyne's -- FREE -- MV plugin workshop! BACK IN ACTION!!!!

    Note: You cannot post or repost an edit of my plugin without my permission! Hey all, DaedraKyne here!! :kaohi: So I was feeling bored at 2 A.M., and decided to open this plugin workshop all of a sudden! it is! :kaojoy: For the moment, no rules, other than DON'T EXPECT ME TO HAND...
  2. DaedraTalos

    Item Limit

    New plugin! Yay! Ever wanted to set a limit on any of your items/weapons/armors? Well, now you can! (And you don't even have to use plugin commands or script calls every time you want to add an item, just use the pre-made event command!) So here's how it works: Set up the custom error...
  3. DaedraTalos

    Unlimited common event choices.

    Hey everyone! Here's a new tiny plugin I made (thx to SRDude for the idea!) that lets you show tons of choices that will, when chosen, run common events! It's easy to use, and has an endless amount of possibilities. All you have to do is: Fill in the "choice" list with as much choices as you...
  4. DaedraTalos

    Player VS Event position plugin

    Player VS Event position plugin This plugin compares the position of the player and an event. Although it's very simple, it's also extremely useful! Imagine you want to check if the player is on the left of an event. How would you do that in RMMV? Unless you use an extremely complicated...
  5. DaedraTalos

    Need a minimap plugin, but can't find a working one? Well, I found one for you!

    TheUnproPro's minimap plugin old version WORKS, EVEN WITH OTHER PLUGINS!! So, I was searching around the web for a good minimap plugin, or any working minimap plugin at all, actually! However, any minimap plugin out there seemed to have some bugs D: So I searched around for TheUnproPro's...

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