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  1. RMMV In-game database/archive plugin.

    Sup, I'm looking for a simple plugin to use for my game. I already tried searching everywhere I could but haven't found nothing of what I am looking for. Basically, I'd like to add an in-game database for my game, where the player can read on lore, characters, enemies (I don't like the official...
  2. Yanfly's YEP_CoreEngine. Display "Current/Max" item in both Shop (Buy/Sell) and Inventory Menus (RMMV)

    So I'm using a function in YEP_CoreEngine that allows you to limit the amount of specific items that you can carry (<Max Item: x>), and I like this function a lot as it prevents spamming items or hoarding them. The problem is, it does not display the limit of how much of a specific item that you...
  3. Inventory Subsection Plugin

    For RPG Maker MV Before I actually make my request, I want to let you all know that I already know of Ryuk's Add Item type plugin and I am using it for my game, but what it's doing is not enough to do what I am requesting here. So I'm making a game where there are different types of items for...
  4. Problem with ChangeWeaponOnBattle Plugin

    So RPG Maker MV comes with a few packages containing various plugins aside from the ones you can get from Yanfly and other plugin programmers. I am having trouble with the ChangeWeaponOnBattle plugin, the changing weapons part of it works fine, it's the additional function it has, changing...
  5. I am having a serious Issue.

    Well.... this issue is probably simple to solve and I may look like an idiot, but here me out. But here's the thing, months ago I tried RPG VX Ace's trail version, liked it, then I tried MV's trail version, loved it (Minus the serious lagging but thanks to some plugins that's been resolved). So...

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