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  1. Sprited SV_Enemies

    I LOVE IT OMG YES THANK YOU SO MUCH AAAAAA- ahem. This looks good, yes. I could tell it was made a while ago though, but I appreciate it anyway! (Far better than what I can do.) Thank you again!
  2. Rules Welcome to the 2017 INDIE GAME MAKER CONTEST!

    Oh, nice! I could give this a tr-oh, nevermind, that was one month ago. Maybe next year.
  3. Sprited SV_Enemies

    Oh boy, the ghost! :'D Seriously though, your sprite art looks like it was actually done by the Kadokawa company themselves.
  4. Sprited SV_Enemies

    Well, I'm not sure about the other user, but I'm referring to this ghost found in the default files. It would be nice if I could turn him into a party member for sv, since that's the only thing that's missing from the default resources.
  5. Hey there

    I'm bad with introductions and forums in general, so I'll just say a couple of things- I'm working on a small RPG with MV that uses only default assets (with one exception). I don't really browse forums or talk very often. My favourite video game, discounting arcade games, is probably Fat...
  6. Sprited SV_Enemies

    Thanks for all these assets! I loved using quite a few of them, though I noticed the ghost isn't among them. Is it okay if I request for that to be made in this format? I don't mind waiting for it.

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