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  1. jakeybreaky

    RMMV I need a plugin that detects if two specified events are touching eachother

    I have an enemy which is set to parallel, which will chase the player when it’s on screen. I basically need a plugin that can trigger a separate event once the player and the specified enemy touch. Currently I’m using variables that track the player and the enemies X and Y coordinates...
  2. jakeybreaky

    RMMV [Demo] Cleave Together! A Part-JRPG, Part-Visual Novel, Dating Sim!

    Hey everyone! A couple friends of mine are working on a game and recently released a new demo for it, so I thought I'd shill to you guys here. I actually helped with a few of the character sprites as well lol There's a link to the free demo here: PC -...
  3. jakeybreaky

    Favorite villains or villain tropes?

    Doesn't have to be videogame related, could be from show, movie or book or whatever. Just curious what you guys typically look for in villains, and who you'd say your favorite of all time is? Personally Bondrewd from Made in Abyss hits all the marks for me. - Cool design - Feels like a...
  4. jakeybreaky

    What's some of the craziest things you've seen people do with RPGMaker?

    I'm not just talking custom assets and junk, I mean like really pushing the limits of what the engine can do. I'm talkin' games that when someone tells you it was made in RPGMaker you kinda go "Wait what?" I remember seeing someone make a plugin that actually renders the game in 3D somehow...
  5. jakeybreaky

    Trying to access the classifieds section of the forum.

    Heyo, I'm currently making a game in MV and looking to hire people on to help. I went to make a post to find people who'd be interested, but my thread got deleted because I was supposed to post in the classifieds section, which I don't have access to just yet. According to what I've heard you...

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