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  1. How to: Stat Dependent Buffs?

    Hello All! I have been googling a bit around this, but so far have not seen someone explaining how to handle what I would like to have happen in the software, or a plugin addressing it. (So I may be missing something super obvious). Anyway, so I have a class who is all about just buffing...
  2. RPG Maker Automatically Closing After Opening

    Hello everyone! So I have run into a problem that I am no longer able to solve. Something that began happening a long time ago during my development is sometimes when I saved and closed MV while the world map was loaded, MV would then fail to open the next time I tried. When I would try to open...
  3. Skill Element Dependent on Weapon's

    I think this may just be an issue of me not knowing the name of the function I want to call, BUT: I would like to have skills that take the element of the weapon that is equipped by the user. I planned to do this by simply using a bunch of conditionals in the formula bar, but I realized I don't...

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