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  1. Steps count with condition?

    Yush, i like to ask how i can make even, that count "steps" & when steps reach some number, then hapend event? I know, then i can add event, like "Control Variables" -> "Other" -> "Steps" -option but, i can't find same or similar option in "Conditional Branch" -menu, that can count or use my...
  2. Reference Error: MakeVideoPlayline not defined

    Yush, i get just after new RPG Maker MV update this error: Reference Error: MakeVideoPlayline not defined I hear you can fix this problem by downgrade MV base script system or someting but, i don't want to downgrade my project or MV files, i just want to otherwise updgrade this project so...
  3. 3x Resource hud in the top right corner

    Yush, i like to ask if this is possible. It's there possible show 3x diffrence resources in the top screen in game mode. Meaby x items what was in player invetory. I like to see or get visible someting like this: X money, X Wood, X Stones. What can see in gameplay in gameplay screen without...
  4. Set game draw image for default in battle (Script)

    Welcome, I was not sure how to tell you this better, or how I want to tell you this but, I would like the game to automatically default to do something whenever there is fighting. I have been a problem exists in this matter, which I have tried to solve...
  5. Set default hit-ration to 100%?

    Yush, tittle say all, i want to set thease game based default attack hit ration to allways hit when attack -> 100%. How to set thease or where i can edit that default hit-ration into script? Sometimes when enemy/player attack, thease can miss their attack but, this project i need to hit allways.
  6. The user interface of transparency Removal? (JS)

    Welcome, I would like to ask because the MV program is a whole new scripting system that, I would like to get this JS plug of this solution to the forum topic such as that which I have asked VX Ace exists in the program...
  7. Party total hp check (Script)

    Hi, I looking this time somekind party hp inspector script or command what check if every party members have only 25hp or bellow or total partty hp is bellow 25hp happend someting. If i use somekind of script i found somewhere someting like this but, that/this not work...
  8. Size submenu to game window width?

    How do I get that the battle scenes in the submenu line of the window the same size as the actual game window width? Since the menu window incomplete or do not have the width of the same length. I mean that window where is/show thease player characher name / hp was?
  9. The user interface of transparency Removal?

    Welcome, I would like to ask or know how this interface can eliminate the transparency so that the background does not show through it? Just like RPG Maker VX, there is not transparency thease menu/interface system but Ace have but, i don't want that.
  10. Change enemy battle animation (Left-Right) to (UP-Down) !?

    Hi, i like to ask this time, how to change battle animation (Left-Right) to (UP-Down) !? I mean when a battle scene open & when enemy attack own turn, those animation work usually left or right alternately so, how to change those going up & down?

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