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  1. Cinnamon Dev

    Maintaining Quality

    Hello, as December approaches I am currently In a bind on my first "major" RPG maker game. However, In past games I have made the quality starts terribly then increases in quality (due to me becoming more familiar to RMXP). What are some tips you can give me about how to maintain good quality on...
  2. Cinnamon Dev

    Clock of Atonement?

    Clock of Atonement what is clock of atonement, You play this game as a guy who stalks a girl. You loved that girl very much and you killed her because of your crazy love. A stranger gives you "clock of atonement" and you get a chance to fix what you did.    Development details Made...
  3. Cinnamon Dev

    How do you make a blog

    Does anyone know how to create a blog? (in the forum) I am interested in making one and would love to know how to make one.
  4. Cinnamon Dev

    Recomemded world map size

    Hi there, I am developing a medium (40-56 hour gameplay) game and am experiencing some doubt about my world map. While now the map is small and compact part of me wants to add more distance between the starting village and the cities/towns/camps around it. If you have any suggestions for...

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