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  1. Anthony Xue

    RMMZ Visustella: More than four actors?

    Hi everyone, So my class/skill/battle balance system is currently set up for a party consisting of five characters. Unfortunately, the Visustella menu windows are aligned for rows of four characters each. This is fine for multiples of four, maybe it would work for six, but having an additional...
  2. Anthony Xue

    RMMZ Talent & Race Scripts (possibly MZ Update of Frogboy Scripts)

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for scripts that allow for the inclusion of D&D style talents (leveled abilities like Lockpicking, Swimming, Fire Magic...) and races (Elves, Gnomes, Orcs each with their own effects on stats and classes). Frogboy had two excellent scripts for this in MV...
  3. Anthony Xue

    Fallen Olivia Order Turn Battle - Change Visuals

    The Order Turn Battle script by Fallen Olivia shows in which order actors will be taking their next turns, according to their AGI. However, it does so in a fairly obstrusive way, and it cannot be customized. In particular, it ignores the general background of windows: This just doesn't look...
  4. Anthony Xue

    Frogby Talent Core - skip dead party members

    Hello everyone. I'm using Frogboy's Talent Core plugin (see here), which is amazing but has a slight problem: Whenever it selects the most talented party member for a talent check (say, to pick the lock of a chest), it neglects to also check whether that party member is still alive. Given that...
  5. Anthony Xue

    Display Traits in Equip Window

    So we can add all kinds of interesting Traits to our items, like elemental attacks, poison damage and whatnot, but I fail to get the Equip or Items windows to display these abilities, and I'm not even talking about taking them into account when displaying the damage that would be dealt (etc.)...
  6. Anthony Xue

    MV - CRPG instead of JRPG/Chibi sprites?

    Hi everyone. So I'm quite fond of MV as a program and I like the many beautiful tilesets out there. However, I'm simply not a friend of the ubiquitous default Chibi-style sprites, to put it mildly. Is there anyone out there doing something more in the "Western" tradition, somewhat like those...
  7. Anthony Xue

    Line of sight // Walls blocking view

    Hi there, Is there any way to implement something like a real Line-of-sight-system, so that you (for instance) wouldn't see what exactly is in a room unless you open the door, as in the screens below? ...or, if it is a secret door, even find that door? Thanks a lot.

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