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  1. A Few Scripts I Wrote For XP...

    UPDATED to Version 2.4,12.0.html Update includes two major script changes which ties both Dynamic Lighting and Super Event Sensor together, which allows Players to use Darkness to hide. Both of the updated scripts work fine as Standalone scripts...
  2. Heretic's Dynamic Lighting (XP) - Prototype Demo

    Its an option called "Minutes Per Day". You can change the Default setting by changing "Minutes_Per_Day" from its default of 10 to what ever you want. The default of 10 means you get 5 minutes of Day and 5 minutes of Night, with a gradual transition between both. You can also change this on...
  3. [XP] Changing the Reflected Skill Animation With Blizz Full Reflection

    Blizz didnt put together a Demo for his Reflect script. He also didnt put together any animations at all for it either. I did, and gave him credit for all his work. The demo I put together for his script is in my "collection" (click it for link). There are quite a few maps in the collection...
  4. Game & Map Screenshots 9

    Hey lookie, MOVING PLATFORMS! Less about mapping and more about an interactive environment. Like?
  5. Community Poll: Style Preference

    Personally, I like styles similar to the larger style of RMXP. The small blocky nature of VX+ irritates me to no end as I feel like I am trying to make a forest out of rubiks cubes. I didnt cast a vote because DS/DS+ / POP! uh what the hell are those! Hey guys, which do you like better...
  6. event appearing behind a tiles?

    In XP I was able to even make events render below all non priority tiles, but it required some scripting to do that...
  7. A Few Scripts I Wrote For XP...

    Links work for me, Chaos Project doesnt require an acct to download, but here you go.
  8. Making A Stealth Section

    No worries.  Now that you know about it, if you have need on another map, or another game after the one youre working on, it is available for you to use with no Commercial Restrictions.
  9. Making A Stealth Section

    For XP, check out my "Super Event Sensor".  It should be able to achieve what you are looking for. Super Event Sensor - XP,13686.0.html A fully realized demo is also available in my "Collection"...
  10. How to make a character not have the attack ability in RMXP

    That would normally go on the Troops tab in the Database in Battle Event->Script: disable_command(1, "Attack") That would disable Aluxes "Attack" command, if Aluxes is the first character. It doesnt have to be run in Battle Event-> Script, it can be called from any Event from Script...
  11. Getting a PS3, what do you guys recommend?

    I'd start off with the Uncharted series, except for the last one only on PS4...
  12. How to make a character not have the attack ability in RMXP

    I wrote a script for XP a while back that allows you to Disable Commands such as "Attack", even if you spelled it differently for Non English releases.  You can also disable Spells and Items too if you so desire. Heretic's Disable Battle Commands...
  13. A Few Scripts I Wrote For XP...

    My scripts are commercial friendly.   Im pretty sure most of the scripts that I didnt write in the collection are commercial friendly too, but since their respective authors have control over thier scripts, I think its a good practice to double check.
  14. Making traversing the world less...boring.

    Silly question but um, Vehicles? Vehicles, once unlocked, should be a change of TYPE of travel.  IE, most of the time, characters walk.  Giving the player a Vehicle as a means of bypassing previous areas that would be tedious to repeatedly walk through also allows exploring new areas that can...
  15. A Few Scripts I Wrote For XP...

    Around 75 complete Scripts.  I have literally lost count at this point.  Yeah, that is a LOT of Scripts! Heretic's Collection of Art and 100% Compatible Scripts Version 2.3 - Updated Saturday, August 20th, 2016 Download: (Links to
  16. Opinions on Day/Night Cycles in Games

    @Euphony You're right, here's proof: ------ Day / Night systems and Dynamic Lighting Effects in general One of the things about Dynamic Lighting systems is that there needs to be a logical reason for lights to be visible.  Thusly, Dynamic Lighting and Day / Night systems go hand in...
  17. Opinions on Day/Night Cycles in Games

    I love games that use Day / Night Cycle Transitions, like this one! Speaking of which, I an very close to having finished a script for Dynamic Lighting for XP.  I feel the script is worthy of Release Candidate status at the moment, so yes, if I have been working on a script for it...
  18. XP Tileset collisions not working

    Do you have any scripts installed?
  19. Feeling like your game sucks

    I think what is more important than thinking ones game sucks is understanding why we think our games suck, because that gives us an understanding of what we need to do in order to make our games not suck.  Motivation can easily come from that simple bit of knowledge.  I know it sucks because I...
  20. Game & Map Screenshots 8

    Aluxes starring in Doom 3!   More Dynamic Lighting testing here.  The tileset is not superb, and yes, many default graphics, but what isnt default is the Computer Screens as Light Sources!  Oh, and that red light?  That is a Rotating Light!  Yup.  All runs on RMXP! Here is the same scene...

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