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  1. Michael Caiola

    Offset character sprites on map

    I'm looking for a script to offset character sprites on the map. By default, the bottom of the sprite is aligned to the bottom of the tile. That makes sense. But if you have a sprite where something would extend past the "bottom" like a tail for the up sprite or something that would extend from...
  2. Michael Caiola

    Custom Force Action using Javascript

    I'm trying to create a custom force action plugin command. I found this in the script list but I don't know how to use it: $gameParty.members()[index].forceAction(skillId, targetIndex); BattleManager.forceAction(battler); I want to force the current actor to use skill x on target y, in...
  3. Michael Caiola

    YEP Battle Engine Core add User target select

    In MV, by deafult, when you use a skill that targets the user, you just use the skill and you don't have to then select yourself. However, when Yanfly's Battle Engine Core is installed, you do have to select yourself. How do I disable that?
  4. Michael Caiola

    Force Action question

    Is there a way to get more control over the Actor choice for this event command? I want to use this command during a common event triggered by a skill. So I would like to be able to set it to "active battler" or something like that. 
  5. Michael Caiola

    MC's VE Throwable Objects/YEP Battle Core Engine Patch

    VE Throwable Objects with Yanfly Battle Engine Core Compatibility Patch v1.02p Victor Sant, Michael Caiola Introduction Victor Sant's Throwable Objects is quite an amazing plugin that adds thrown objects like arrows, bullets, boomerangs, bombs, and shurikens to RMMV's battle...
  6. Michael Caiola

    Make a state last until the battler's next turn.

    I want to make the guard state last until the battler's next turn instead the end of the overall turn. How do I do that?
  7. Michael Caiola

    Skip user target

    When you set a skill to target the user, you still have to select the user. Is there a way to skip the selection part?
  8. Michael Caiola

    Custom aftermath for Yanfly's Victory Aftermath

    I'd like to add a custom item to the "drops" screen of Yanfly's Victory Aftermath. I'd like one of the "drops" to check if variable ArrowsRetrieved (ID 76) is greater than 1, and if it it is, display the text, "Retrieved x arrows"  with X being the variable, and run comment event 44. If it...
  9. Michael Caiola

    Check skill notetag

    UPDATE: I solved the actor notetag issue, but I forgot I needed to check for skill notetags, too. This is the code I currently have, courtesy of @Kino: Window_BattleLog.prototype.initialize = function() { var width = this.windowWidth(); var height = this.windowHeight()...
  10. Michael Caiola

    Retrieve arrows upon enemy defeat

    I just thought of an interesting mechanic I'd like to implement. I'm using UNCO's Ammunition System to give my Bows a limited number of arrows to use. Arrows will also be found throughout the game so the ammo will replenish. But I had an idea on how to regain some arrows. I have arrow items...
  11. Michael Caiola

    YEP Event Chase Player remove balloon and sound effect

    I'm using Yanfly's Event Chase Player plugin. I want to remove the sight balloon and sound effect. The plugin has these scripts to change them: this._alertBalloon = x this._alertSound = x But I can't get the balloon code to work, and I want there to be no sound at all instead of just...
  12. Michael Caiola

    Upload in message

    There is no option to upload an attachment when sending a message. You can use an existing attachment or a link. I've been uploading attachments in a thread reply box so I can use them in messages. Is there a reason that option doesn't exist in messages?
  13. Michael Caiola

    Stop screen movement

    I have a map that doesn't take up the whole screen. When I move the player around, the map still moves when the player is centered on screen. Is there a way to disable this and have the screen be stationary while the player moves around?
  14. Michael Caiola

    YF Skill Learn, Condition Show Skill

    This should be a pretty simple question. Yanfly's Skill Core has this notetag: <Hide if Learned Skill: x> Yanfly's Skill Learn System has this lunatic mode notetag: <Learn Show Eval> value = true; value = false; </Learn Show Eval> How do I make Learn Show Eval code mimic the Hide...
  15. Michael Caiola

    Skill Upgrades

    I know upgrading skills is a common things in video games. Right now I'm using Yanfly's Skill Learn plugin to accomplish this in my game. The only issue is that I have to create multiple skills for each skill. So instead of having one "Fireball" skill that can be upgraded itself, I have...
  16. Michael Caiola

    Yanfly Weapon Animations showing mirror animations Pretty simple. I added <Weapon Animation: 17> to Leo's notebox. That's the right animation, Claw Physical, but it shows two Claw Physical animations mirrored to each other. Any clue how to fix that?
  17. Michael Caiola

    State or trait that converts hp damage to mp damage

    I know this exists and I'm pretty sure I have the plugin to do it, but I just can't remember where to find it. I need a trait or a state that will convert a percentage of hp damage taken into mp damage. So, for example, if the state splits the damage 50/50 and my actor is hit with an attack...
  18. Michael Caiola

    Skill Custom Show Javascript

    Yanfly's Skill Core lets you use custom notetags to show skills. Here's their sample code: <Custom Show Eval> if (user.level > 50) { visible = true; } else { visible = false; } </Custom Show Eval> How do I change this to check for a specific class or subclass? Since subclass has to...
  19. Michael Caiola

    Infinite Item

    Is it possible to have an item with an unlimited stock?
  20. Michael Caiola

    Use the note box for... notes?

    This seems like a silly question, but I can use the note box for actual notes, right? Like things I need to remember for that database entry. Do I need comment tags or can I just type in there?

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