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  1. Way to make different monsters have different death messages?

    I'm trying to make a system where some monsters are "illusion" or "fake" sorts of monsters that will "fade away" when defeated. Can someone make a script that allows different monsters to have different death messages?
  2. How to make different monsters have different death messages?

    I'm attempting to make a different, "fake" enemy that "fades away" when you defeat it. How do I make it display this?
  3. Is it possible to create a new gender within the generator?

    I'm trying to make an alien species, and I feel like adding a new gender would work the best for this. Is this possible, or will I go to a lot of trouble for nothing?
  4. Making cave doors not working?

    I am attempting to use events to make a cave door. Simple, easy, doesn't work. I put the door graphic and the event, but you can't walk into the door. It works perfectly fine with houses, and trees, and such, but RPG Maker VX Ace has decided "Hmm, but what if instead of making a door, you...
  5. Attack Animations with Yanfly Battle Engine

    Hey, so in Yanfly's Ace Battle Engine, one of the main features is an enemy showing their attack on the player. However, the attack animation appears behind the face, not in front of it. Is there a way to change this?
  6. Is it possible to tell for sure that someone has illegally obtained a DLC pack?

    I have a friend who has RPG Maker VX Ace like me, and we often talk about it and the games we're making. For a while he'd been talking about the Samurai Pack (yes, the very same one I inadvertently asked about with the resources beginning with J from Crysalis) and how he wished he could afford...
  7. Custom Battlers from Crysalis?

    I've noticed that Crysalis contains a lot of custom-made battlers (mostly beginning with J). Where can I find these and who do I need to credit if I use them?
  8. What keyCodes exist for changing Yanfly's AMS text-skip-button?

    As I said in the title, I need to change the default text-skip-button in Yanfly's Ace Message System away from Shift(as Shift is the sprint button) and to something else, preferably space. The problem is, there are codes for each letter. For example, the code for Shift is :A, which is the...
  9. Character not able to perform attacks when in state?

    First, no, the "Cannot Move" is not set as a restriction. In fact there are no restrictions. I've made a custom state, Bleeding, that works for all the world like Poison. But when in it, for whatever reason, players can't perform actions. It just skips as if they were paralyzed.
  10. How to add class ability to perform a different type of skill?

    Later on in my game, the main character discovers that one of his items has the ability to perform a powerful new type of skill. He can then train and learn different attacks with that new type of skill. My only problem is, since his class has the ability to learn that type of skill, the type...
  11. How to fix equip without Yanfly's Equip Engine?

    I have one character whose equipment I want to make stay on him, but I don't know how. I don't want to use Yanfly's Equip Engine because I'd need to add new types of equipment to replace the normal equipment, then somehow remove the normal equipment slots from the character, etc. etc. I just...
  12. Large-size sprites?

    Now, before you link me to that XP-to-VX site, I don't want 64x32. I'd like to create my own sprite for a boss and have it show up at double-size, like the Lamia and Demon and Evilgod and etc. sprites. How would I do this?
  13. How to change actor name within event?

    I'm looking for a way to change an actor's name. Not by having the player input the name, I just want to change it within the event. What's happening is that the player, so far named ??? (as they don't know their name), is being dubbed Te by a future party-member because in their dialect it...
  14. Import problem with custom sprite sheet

    I created a custom sprite sheet, and did everything correctly so no need to ask about that. My problem is, when I try to import it it gives me an "Import" screen and asks me for a transparent color and a translucent color. If I just ignore it and click OK half of the sprite is erased. How do I...
  15. Not accessing RTP

    I've found and installed the RTP for Ace, but Ace isn't accessing it. I only have like six battlebacks, and half of the possible battlers. I may have found the problem though. I installed RPG Maker's basic files to: C:\Program Files(x86)\Enterbrain\RPGVXAce All my gamefiles are installed in...
  16. Sprites of Battlers

    I need the overworld sprites of the battlers, like bosses and such. I've seen them in games, so I know they exist, but I can't seem to find them. Help please?

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