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  1. Skytor

    RMMV RPG Maker MV Battle Royale

    I'll keep an eye on this!
  2. Skytor

    Alpha ABS (MV) [New build 1232]

    Is this compatible with the Q Movement plugin?
  3. Skytor

    Custom skill cost bars? In yanfly's "Skill core" video, at the timestamp 4:00, they talked about possibly making an extension plug-in that allows the addition of custom "Skill Currencies" to your game. Has anyone created a plugin that would achieve that function? Or is...
  4. Skytor

    Quick question

    Oh, the tilesets, char generator and music on a coding project. (Notepad++)
  5. Skytor

    Quick question

    Can i use resources in non-RMMV project if i have the liscence?
  6. Skytor

    In need of a goddess statue

    I need a statue of a goddess, not the one in rtp though. It would be a woman, face on not to the side, in a long, flowing dress and a tiara that has angel wing style adornments coming out of either side. In the centre of the forehead area is a small blue gemstone, if you can make an animation...
  7. Skytor

    Fishing Rod

    Hi, I made a fishing mini-game and am looking for some fishing rod icons that i can edit into an icon set. If you would like to make it, I need one mv style icon and 3 vxa style icons, all to fit mv. The 1st vx style would be wooden the second wooden with metal braces and the third would be...
  8. Skytor

    Check if player has learnt a certain type of skill

    Thank you, this is exactly what I needed! :D
  9. Skytor

    Check if player has learnt a certain type of skill

    Yes 100 is slightly much but there are 300+ regions, element 2 is fire, it would be better if it worked like "if actor X has learnt fire-based turn switch y on" but I could also use the active party version
  10. Skytor

    Check if player has learnt a certain type of skill

    Thank you for the swift reply. The 3 fire skills i mentioned were just examples, i have over 100 fire skills i would have to check. They are currently "Fire" as that is the element that they have been set but if there is a better way I would be happy to use that.
  11. Skytor

    Check if player has learnt a certain type of skill

    I'm looking for a way to test if the player has learnt a certain type of skill, regardless of which skill it actually is, i don't mind using a plugin or script but would rather not. Let's say there are three fire skill: Fireball, Firestorm, and inferno. There is a gate of fire that will only...
  12. Skytor

    Battle commentary missing

    Okay, thank you for your input, I found the cause of the missing commentary was in fact Yanflys battle core plugin. If anyone else had/has this problem it's simple to fix, scroll down in the plugin options an you will see options to actuate what you want, e.g. For displaying status effects set...
  13. Skytor

    Battle commentary missing

    You know the commentary that is usually in game as you battle, the one that says things like "playerName attacks" or "PlayerName is silenced" when using a skill or being effected with a state, well it seems to be missing in my battles. I made sure to check there were things in the message box...
  14. Skytor

    Vanilla Generator

    Thank you, this worked just fine.
  15. Skytor

    Vanilla Generator

    Could someone do me a favour and post the files that the character generator has originally without being edited, mine got buggered up somehow and I really need to replace them
  16. Skytor

    Arum Apolyptica MV: Free Modern/Sci-fi Maps!

    I would say it seems interesting, but this was posted in 2015, is it still active?
  17. Skytor

    Level number moved

    oh sorry
  18. Skytor

    Level number moved

    Whats up with the level number? somehow its moved waaaaaaaaaaay to the right, behind the hp bar, any idea how this happened? After checking, yanfly's core engine is causing it, but only in that game, in another i'm creating that also uses the plugin core the level number has not moved like in...
  19. Skytor

    Attack formula for multiple actors

    Hi, So I've been working on a project to make an empowering ability and its been a bit finicky so far. (I would put all of the common events and stuff so far, but it would take way too long!) so i am now working on the attack formula for the spells. When you empower yourself you are given the...
  20. Skytor

    Spell overpower ability

    Is there a way to allow players to overpower spells, e.g. if a fireball spell costs 25 mana, that is its minimum cost as using any less will cause the spell to fail, but when the player is about to cast the spell they are given an option how much mana they want to use, so if instead of 25 mana...

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