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  1. Nivlacart

    Unpaid commissioned artwork - Is it ethical for me to use as I please?

    Hey guys, I really don’t want to air dirty laundry, but I needed to get an opinion on this as fellow developers and creators. I finished a huge commission about half a year ago. However, the customer seems to have completely gone off the radar. It’s been a year. Uncontactable in every channel...
  2. Nivlacart

    Things that veteran gamedevs do differently from novice gamedevs?

    So I have a Psychology essay I've to write on games, and it's goes something like... Something-something-by comparing processes between experts and novices. I thought it'd be interesting to use Game Design as the subject of my essay, so it'd really help to hear more views on it! What are some...
  3. Nivlacart

    Can the games industry ban just full game walkthrough Youtube videos?

    In the wake of the Telltale Games shutdown, I've been wondering about this quite a lot. I love Let's Plays, but the amount of them that have full game walkthroughs are probably costing the game industry a lot of money. I know lots of people personally who refuse to buy games because 'they can...
  4. Nivlacart

    Turning on Scripts mid-game for progression?

    The current problem I'm facing is that I want to use Yanfly's Party Limit Gauge, but only unlock the use of it later in the game, instead of right from the start. Have been trying to look through the script functions to find something I can...
  5. Nivlacart

    Could I get some flavor text voice lines of the VXACE characters?

    Is anyone willing to create some voice files of the default RPG Maker characters like Ralph, Ulrika, Ylva, Eric, Terence and Bennett? Just some flavor text one-word lines to pop up every now and then during dialogue like 'Hey' "Mmhmm' 'No.' 'What?' And battle voices when it's their turn...
  6. Nivlacart

    Skill Fusion or Follow-Up Combination skill?

    Is there an MV Script version of Kread-EX's Skill Fusion script here? It's only for VX Ace but man does it have a ton of uses, was wondering if a Javascript version existed.
  7. Nivlacart

    A huge dilemma that decides the next 4 years and a degree.

    Currently, I'm serving time in the army. My 2 years of conscript service is about to come to an end, and throughout the depressing journey I've had hopes that once I finish, I'll move over to Japan, Tokyo, find a game company, get my foot in through the door and work from the ground up. My...
  8. Nivlacart

    A state that lets a single-target skill target All Enemies

    Hello all, What I'm trying to achieve is: Ylva casts Fire (single target spell) > Hits one enemy but if Ylva has the State Spread applied and casts Fire > Hits all enemies I have found scripts where they allow toggling of targets, but it doesn't seem like they can be applied into a state. Or...
  9. Nivlacart

    [IGMC 2015] MonstroCity

    MonstroCity is a monster-raising, city-building, dungeon crawling RPG Simulation game! You move into your Granduncle's rural village, where he runs a Monster Odd Job ranch. Everything in the village is powered with the help of monsters! With your innate talent to raise monsters, embark on an...
  10. Nivlacart

    Roguelike-esque movement, enemy moves when player does

    I've been trying to find a script for a long time now that grants roguelike movement to events and the player when they're in dungeons. I've tried  TDS's Move With Player Tam_Fey's Script snippet and I tried taking just the movement part out of  Saba Kan's Random Dungeon Generator but it...
  11. Nivlacart

    Most efficient way to check each actor's stats for a requirement?

    I want to create a function where once the party has come back to town, the game will check each character's LUK stat to see if it's above a certain requirement, of which then they change class to a higher tiered version of their own class. Is the only way to do this creating a conditional...
  12. Nivlacart

    Gain state on critical or killing enemy, lose state when criticaled?

    I have 3 states that represent 3 power levels. How do I make an actor auto-gain a state when he kills or criticals an enemy, and lose it when he is criticalled? Or how to make the gain the negative state if they're criticalled? and apart from those, I'd be great if I could also get help on...
  13. Nivlacart

    Command List that is just a whole Skill Menu? And Item Scope?

    Is there a script out there that just makes the command list in battle just be a skill list, and commands like Attack and Guard are just treated like skills in the list? During IGMC2014 I tried one of the games that had this function but I can't seem to find the script for it. It just went from...
  14. Nivlacart

    Dropping off and picking up unknown party members?

    I have this really crippling problem in my game currently that I can't figure out how to work around. So I'm using AwesomeCool's monster capture script, since there's monster catching in the game, and so far the only monster catching script I could find. And how I assume it works is that it...
  15. Nivlacart

    A Nivlacart of Character Artstuffs!

    Welcome to the Nivlacart of Resources! About time I created a resource dump, I think. I usually draw character art and facesets, sometimes battlers too. I don't have lots now, but hopefully this fills up too as time goes by. --------- MY TERMS OF USAGE Most of the stuff in here is free for...
  16. Nivlacart

    How do you make a multi-hit skill that no. of hits base off speed?

    An attempt to give the speedy low-strength character a fighting edge. How do you make a skill that hits multiple times, but hits more times the more speed you have? Do I need a script for this?
  17. Nivlacart

    Using multiple script engines in a game?

    I'm illiterate when it comes to programming, so I apologize in advance if this is a stupid question, but is it common for people to use multiple engines in a game? Say for example, I want to use Yanfly's scripts, which naturally require Yanfly's Engine. But then I want to use scripts from other...
  18. Nivlacart

    MMORPGs you enjoy?

    God, I love a good MMORPG. One of my biggest favorites is Ragnarok Online. Adventuring that made it fun to play with tons of friends, no need for quests. Classes with so, so much depth. It really makes me feel like recent MMOs lack a lot of luster in comparison. Games I'm awaiting, I can't...
  19. Nivlacart

    Recommend my brother some RPG/RPGMaker games?

    My bro recently developed an interest in RPG games (I don't know what game he got ahold of. It looks like a Five Nights at Freddy's with turn based fighting or something), and he's asked me to let him play more. He's 12, his whole gaming life, admittedly because of my bad big brotherhood...
  20. Nivlacart

    How do I check credit for the RPG Maker Web Store?

    Where can I see the amount of credit inside my RPGMaker Web Store account? Supposedly I should have gotten some from the Indie Game Contest, but I can't check where it's listed. I was planning to get some stuff like the Luna Engine and some sound packs, so I was wondering if it's there at all...

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