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  1. Lockhart71

    [RMVXAce] Game Shutdown Error

    I have searched the forum for this solution and can't find my answer and I apologize if this is the wrong forum. I am new to posting but did read the rules. The problem is when I hit Shutdown Game it takes 2 times to do so. Example:  I hit shutdown and the game appears to be closing down...
  2. Lockhart71

    EVENTS Reapeating

    Hey guys. I am new to the site and currently working on two projects. Here is my second question ( If this the wrong forum I sincerely apologize ) I am a noob and really embarrassed about not knowing this.  :headshake:      Okay, I am working with events and can not figure out to change the...
  3. Lockhart71

    Character Faces

    Hello. I am a total noob as this is my first post, if it's in the wrong spot forgive me and remove it. I have 2 questions but will only ask one.. I am simply trying to add new character faces in additional to ones like these already installed. I am searching tutorials but thought I'd ask...

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