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  1. xoferew

    How do you make a demo?

    Do you make a copy of your game and delete most of it? (Scary!) And then just edit events to tie off the bleeding, like change a transfer event to "Sorry, you can't go that way in the demo"? Or do you just keep the whole game, if it's not too big, and block off some of it? Is there a length...
  2. xoferew

    Advice for handling followers

    I'm looking for advice on what to do with followers when what's happening is more than business as usual but less than a cutscene. I know not everyone uses visible followers, but this assumes visible followers. ^_^ Here are some examples from my game, just to give an idea what I'm talking...
  3. xoferew

    Advice for making cutscenes look more natural

    I'd like some advice on making cutscenes look more natural. Example: In the scene below my party of three is going to talk to a kid, who will then run away. I don't care where she runs to, just out of sight. I put a rock on one side to limit the approaches. If my party approaches from...
  4. xoferew

    xoferew's Greeting ^_^

    Hi all, xoferew here. (Pronounced "zoffaroo.") I just started posting but I guess I registered five years ago. I am working on an MV project based on the TV show "Supernatural." I couldn't find any rules that said we aren't supposed to discuss fanworks here but please let me know if it's not...
  5. xoferew

    MV script call for movement route based on actor state?

    Hi, I'd appreciate any advice. I thought I could use a script call to make events (roaming enemies) move toward the player unless a certain actor had a certain state, in which case the event would move away from the player. When I look at the script call list I see moveType = 0 for fixed, 1...

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