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  1. crimcrim

    Changing to whole wheat?

    Hey guys, I really like the new avatar system implemented. I feel like it will help us achieve a new sense of community cohesion and bring us even closer together, but I do have one, albeit small, concern. There's...only white b read. White b read is usually processed using unconventional...
  2. crimcrim

    Satoru Iwata Remembrance thread

    Satoru Iwata has passed away on July 11th 2015, when he was only 55 years old. He was a legend in the industry, not just as the president of Nintendo but as one of the most talented programmers of his time (being able to compress Pokemon G+S to fit Kanto, among other amazing features) but most...
  3. crimcrim

    FinalBossBlues podcast NEW EPISODE #18 3/17

    Those of you who regularly listened to the podcast should be glad to know that we're finally back.after a long haitus! For those of you that are new... What is it? The FBB podcast focuses on various aspect of game development, tailored mostly to users of RPG Maker. We cover everything from how...
  4. crimcrim

    IRC Bot Commands

    As most of the IRC regulars know I've been developing the utterly annoying bot TOYOTA_COROLLA. At first it was made to piss off as many people as possible but then it evolved into an actual useful channel bot. He has many commands, and due to his code constantly growing (and me being a horrible...
  5. crimcrim


    SANIC RACING............. Concept Screenshots/Features GAME DOWNLOAD:'s.rar CREDITS: TELOCH (akuyuki_shinbo) - making title screen SANIC HEGHOG - going fast
  6. crimcrim

    Save Teloch!!!

    Hello everyone! As you know I am teloch-sama's (PBUH) one and only kohai, and without him I have little to no guidance. I have survived quite fine on my own for now but his absence has begun to take it's toll on me. He may have done wrong, but he is the only person I have in this world. Please...

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