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  1. Acetonide

    Realism and Mapping

    I don't have a specific question so there's no poll, I just kind of want to hear people's opinions. I feel that all games should have a level of realism and logic to it. Even surreal mind breaking games have their own logic and rules (generally at least, I'm sure someone can find an example...
  2. Acetonide

    Game Titles

    I was going to make a topic about naming in general, but there's already a few topics about naming characters so I decided to focus on game titles instead.. How do you decide what to call your name? For characters and NPCs you can obviously use a random name generator or find a site that...
  3. Acetonide

    Alter Menus, Terms, etc In Game

    I tried searching but perhaps (or rather, most likely) because I don't quite know how to word it well I couldn't find anything. I'm looking for a script that will let me change how the menus look (the images used, colors, fonts, etc) during gameplay along with terms used (such at weapon...
  4. Acetonide


    First of all, if this was posted or discussed some where I apologized. I used the forum's search function to check (although I kind of suck at it apparently) and didn't find anything.  Secondly, I guess I can see why it may not have been discussed here before, as RPG Maker Engines have stats...
  5. Acetonide

    Go to RMVX, or get new scripts?

    Okay, this is probably a very stupid question but I'm honestly struggling over this. ._.'' There are several scripts I want to use in a game I plan to create because the effects would be pretty difficult (not impossible, but for it to feel fluid I'd say impossible) to create without these...
  6. Acetonide

    Solo Shooter - v2.00 Now Up!

    Introduction Solo Shooter is a simple Top-Down Scrolling Shooter. It currently features a short story and some other things. Be sure to check out the features list and updated screenshots. Original Introduction- Downloads Information Solo Shooter is a short Top-Down Scrolling Shooter...
  7. Acetonide

    Enforced Tutorials and You

    First of all, my usual apologies and such. I am sorry if this is in the wrong section, or if there was a discussion for this already. I tried searching "tutorial" but nothing came up, which I found odd because I recall reading about this before. I do follow and read a lot of discussions on...
  8. Acetonide

    How realistic is TOO realistic?

    I apologize for the poor naming of the thread, I've always been horrible at naming things. u.u'' I don't envy my children or pets (if they existed). >.>; Secondly, I really hope this is the right place for this, if not obviously someone can move it.. If that is the case, I apologize for adding...
  9. Acetonide

    What facitilies would you find in a School?

    Hm.. I'm not sure where else this could go, but I figured the off-topic section should be okay. >.>;; What rooms would you find in a school? Any school, elementary, middle school/junior high, high school, college, university.. Any where.. Er... With your answers please give a general idea of...
  10. Acetonide

    Jumping off the map?

    First of all, please excuse me for not specifying which maker I am using, but as I'm posting in the RPG Maker VX Ace forum I figured it was obvious. (Rules here: Any how, onto my point. Why can the player (using the...
  11. Acetonide

    Features in a Turn-Based RPG

    After looking around the forums it seems this is the best place to post this question.. pop the introduction and such I wrote originally into a spoiler since I don't think it technically should go here if I posted that. >.>; But you can check it out to see why I'm asking. Any how, in a turn...
  12. Acetonide

    A Summer Day (Working Name)

    Meet Sunny, official mascot and tour guide of this game. Now Sunny isn't his real name, and this isn't what he really looks like This is just an artist rendering (a really bad artist, me) of what he looks like, and I call him Sunny because.. Well, it's easier than his real name (in other words...

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