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  1. Volrath

    X-Noir (Demo available!)

    Download the demo here! (v.2.0) Estimated Length: 180 minutes File Size: 64 MB (Requires the RMVXAce RTP) X-Noir is the story of Eddie Humphrey, once an up-and-coming City Councilor but now an alcoholic has-been making a living as a private investigator. The game is a unique combination of...
  2. Volrath

    Master of the Wind [Complete RMXP game]

    Download the complete game! (v.1.3) Estimated Length: 30+ hours File Size: approx. 500 MB (apologies in advance to those with slow connections...) Special Instructions: This is meant to be the complete version of the game, so choosing New Game will put you in Arc I. If you have completed the...
  3. Volrath

    Once again, hello all.

    Another new forum, another new introduction. I'm Volrath, a writer and journalist from Connecticut. If you know me, it's probably because of Master of the Wind, the large RMXP project I created with ArtBane and Enkur. I have a new project in mind for VX Ace and I'm looking forward to sharing it...

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