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  1. Zack

    Community Spotlight

    Do you know how sad it is when you see a really phenomenal game, but it never gets popular because it's hard to find under the  piles and piles of all the other stuff? I thought it would be a really good idea to add a new portal in the homepage called "Community Spotlight" that only admins can...
  2. Zack

    Looking for member to collaborate with. POSITION FILLED

              I've literally Just began a project that Is currently called "Yellow King's Shadow". It is a non-commercial project and I expect it to last around ten hours. I already have plenty of experience using the engine, as seen by my previous and now permanently cancelled project, Frost. It...
  3. Zack

    Zack's Resource Hole (Accepting Requests) READ RULES

     Zack's (noobish) Resource Hole                       I've been thinking, there aren't many quality tile shops in the community, and even fewer  that accept requests. The quality of my work is for you to decide, but I accept requests. So, I guess if you like my tiles, I've just created another...

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