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  1. tpasmall

    Troop ID based battlebacks

    Troop ID based Battlebacks Tpasmall Features Allows you to set battle backgrounds based on troop ID. How to Use Pretty self explanatory, just make sure you go to "game_troop" line 29 and insert "attr_accessor :troop_id" or the script won't work. Let me know if there are any bugs (I don't...
  2. tpasmall

    A Block Feature?

    Just curious if it would be possible to have a block feature added to the forums so we could block certain users posts?
  3. tpasmall

    Trying to change graphic on event while its moving

    So basically what I'm trying to do is make it so when one of my events is talking, it changes to a different graphic while its moving, yet continues on the same move route (for a cut scene). So far, this has been impossible for me. When the graphic changes, the event stops walking it's route. Is...
  4. tpasmall

    Tpasmall's Editorium

    Ok, so basically I dabble in the editing arts. I've got some stuff some people might find useful so I'll put it all here! You must credit the original authors if you want to use them, I'm not worried about credit for stuff that's only been edited. Most of these resources are for my game, The...

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