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  1. Dragonspeech

    You have earned an Achievement!

    So. I earned an achievement on Steam. For some reason that got me thinking. In this day and age, a lot of Steam games, xbox games, Nintendo (Notably Smash Bros.) etc. have unlock-able trophies or achievements and MMOs have titles to display after performing a fantastical feat of prowess. What's...
  2. Dragonspeech

    Class systems

    Ok, something that I have been toying with as an idea. I would like opinions from folks. I love leveling classes in an rpg and upgrading classes - it gives a certain choice snd pleasure for me. Ie adept to cleric to either a bishop or a necromancer. But how many is enough or how many classes...
  3. Dragonspeech

    Dragonspeech's Corner

    I am very much a creator, crafter and the like. RPG Maker software has led me to one more fantastic outlet other than the traditional stuff. So far it has been an interesting learning curve with various tutorials as I vaguely remember tinkering with XP for a short time. Though, if I remember it...
  4. Dragonspeech

    Hallo forums!

    Hallo community members! I'm Dragon hailing from the USA, and I have been in love with RP/Adventure/Puzzle and Simulation games since I was a little girl when my dad introduced me to Nintendo. Back in high school my friends and I talked about getting together and developing a game on RPG Maker...

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