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  1. Nella102

    How to make arrow pop up on interactables?

    I hope the title makes sense. I'm trying to figure out how I can make an arrow pop up whenever you're close to something you can interact with, that way the player can know it's available.
  2. Nella102


    I've been working on a cutscene for some time now, and there's a part where a man opens a drawbridge. I know I can replicate the tiles with Events, but how would I make them go away and make them return?
  3. Nella102

    RMMZ My Idea

    My idea starts at the end of the story, rather than the beginning. Our characters are fighting a mysterious looking man in a throne in space, when suddenly one of his goonies knocks them out. You wake up on Earth. You go through normal areas, meet a friend, then suddenly you discover an area...
  4. Nella102

    Map Event?

    Is it possible to create a map event where you can choose to look at the map, and it'll show an image of the World Map on screen?

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