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  1. Crimson Dragon Inc.

    can not load RPG Maker MV after recent force WIN 10 update

    after the latest update i can no longer get MV to load at all, and when i trouble shooted the issue it says it is incompatitble..... and this is with the 1.6.1 beta loaded up any suggestions or possible fixes?
  2. Crimson Dragon Inc.

    side view vs front view

    ok if im being honest.... i dont really see the appeal of sideview..... it increases the file size of the game, and the graphics for it are hard to come by/make, well not really hard but time consuming, i mean other than offering some visually pleasing effects, whats the point now i'm not...
  3. Crimson Dragon Inc.

    Character Development and other informative topics

    one i know this might be the wrong forum for this kind of thread but i chose this forum in hopes of expanding my own limited information pool on the subject through discussion and to hope fully help fellow developers add depth to their characters and games :D now on to the topic hi...
  4. Crimson Dragon Inc.

    what makes a skill OP

    this is something i have been wondering about for a while now...... lately i have started making skills that my friends call RP due to when they become avalible and not their effect as an exsample my spell grand healing is avalible at the very beginning of the game, costs 90 AP and its...
  5. Crimson Dragon Inc.

    character gimmicks

    hi everyone..... i'm here to discuss character gimmicks i think every character in a game should have something that makes them unique for instance in my game i have a character who instead of having set ability/spell effects instead each spell/ability has a random effect  and i have...
  6. Crimson Dragon Inc.

    changing roles mid game

    hi everyone and i would like the discuss something that when ever i bring it up to the rest of the crew or to fellow RPG players/makers for the most part becomes a touchy subject and that is when a character completely changes their role in the party due to a major story event that unlocks...
  7. Crimson Dragon Inc.

    add in a chat room

    i just figured out what this forum needs....... a chat room.... for when people need quick on the spot help and cant afford to wait or hope someone sees thier topic in forums.....and gives an answer or want to have a lengthy discussion of game development without having to refesh or as...
  8. Crimson Dragon Inc.

    most annoying status ailments in RPGs

    i have to ask..... what do you personally think the most annoying status ailments are to deal with.... but i have to lay down some ground rules..... one death/KO is not considered an ailment....two limit it to rpgs and three zombie and stone are off the table for this discussion since i'm...
  9. Crimson Dragon Inc.

    damage formulas... and fixing them

    hi everyone once again not sure if this is right forum (mostly due to not knowing what goes to which forum when it doesn't fit any of the forum descriptions) ok i made a spell with this formula (((a.mat * 6) * (1 + a.mat / a.mdf)) * (1 + a.level / 100)) variance of 10 and set to the...
  10. Crimson Dragon Inc.

    make background transparent

    ok not much of request... dont know if this is the right location for this type of request but i need this image's background to be transparent i have tried several times to complete this task but failed as i have no idea how to work with gimp to do this.... any help would be appreciated
  11. Crimson Dragon Inc.

    elements and healing effects

    ok.... i hope this is right board..... first and foremost i have decided to make a life element for all healing spells the thing is i dont know how the elemental rate would effect healing effects.... is it reverse of offensive abilities? if i set it to a negative would it have a damaging...
  12. Crimson Dragon Inc.

    lunatic mode note tag problems

    hi everyone i'm having a little trouble with some of the lunatic mode note tags... i have all of the required plug ins for them and will ask one at a time first one is blue magic i took the code straight from the tips and tricks page on you tube made by yanfly here is the video ...
  13. Crimson Dragon Inc.

    balancing passive states

    hi everyone, first off i'm not sure if this is the right board for this but anyways i've just started using yanfly's passive traits plugin and well this is something i was thinking for all dragon types... but i was thinking if i should balance it a little more or if this is perfectly...
  14. Crimson Dragon Inc.

    Part 3 of 3 part request :specializations

    here is part 3 as stated previously i need these to work with moogle x, yami, yanfly, and detika plug ins this one is also very complicated i think.... basicly a specialization improves upon one's classe by giving a bonus and adding more techs to choose from (generally 4 in 1 line but i...
  15. Crimson Dragon Inc.

    Part 2 of a 3 Part request: stats

    ok here is part 2 stats i need to change how they work slightly first i need to add 6 more that will be used in the first request (and only these 6 stats) and each of these 6 stats will effect other stats in the game (with a way to change what each stat effects) Strength effects attack...
  16. Crimson Dragon Inc.

    Part 1 of a 3 Part request: level up

    hi every one i have a very complex set of requests first these need to be compatible with one another and plug ins from  Yanfly, moogle x, yami, and detika  i'm trying to recreate the system for leveling up, how stats work, skills, and techs, from dragon age origins for the first...
  17. Crimson Dragon Inc.

    lets talk about what we will miss from the old site ;P

    ok everyone lets make a memorial to the old site :D  i loved it but this new site once you figure out how to get to everytthing is better over all.... for now new things i like are instant emoji's and quick access to all activity but the old site we have so many memories that we dont want...
  18. Crimson Dragon Inc.

    balancing skills/equipment - and weather penalties should be used

    hi everyone this is a little bit of a touchy topic -BALANCE- now before i get into details i would like to state i love to make my games very challanging, so when i balance i balance it to where the game is beatable but still very challangeing when i make skills and equipment i always run in...
  19. Crimson Dragon Inc.

    MV DLC plugin weaponskill

    ok i'm using the weapon skill plugin to allow my spell caster's staff weapons to cast a spell instead of a normal attack, a fire spell, a spirit spell, a holy spell, a dragon spell, a non elemental spell, and finally a healing type spell... if i use a healing type skill for a weapon will it...
  20. Crimson Dragon Inc.

    adding multible elements to skills/spells

    ok this is a very big question, see i'm making multible special elements like magic, slash, pierce, blunt(or strike), spirit, and dragon now i was hoping to be able to make skills with elements like thunder dragon slash would be physical, lightning, dragon, and slash elements all at once is...

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