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  1. Keniisu

    YouTuber - Looking for games for an upcoming series!

    List of Current games: Hello! I've recently returned here after a long, long hiatus (About a year) and want to cover some games for an upcoming series on my channel where I analyze, review and play some games from the role-playing genre. Here's my channel for reference which has a decent...
  2. Keniisu

    Some Good Places To Get Scripts

      ~ Good Places To Get Scripts ~   Page Link   ~ If you know any good sites with at least 8 or more scripts, please suggest them and I will be sure to add it. ~
  3. Keniisu

    (IGMC) Dawnstorm - Recruitment

    Introduction: This is a project for the Indie Game Maker Contest otherwise known as the IGMC.  This project will deal with a boy learning things along his path which will lead him in paths that he didn't expect. Becoming a well-known figure for things he's done in his journey. In the end, it...
  4. Keniisu

    RPG Creator Podcast [ReBirth]

    NEWS: July 6th, 2015 ~ The first episode has been released! Link is HERE. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What is the RPG Creator Podcast? This...
  5. Keniisu

    Minecraft | RMW Edition! A Casual Let's Play Series with the Community

     Minecraft | RMW Edition! A Casual Let's Play Series with the Community  Would you want to do a video on Minecraft with me?    Well I've set up a server that I'm going to be playing with people on. I'm looking for someone who can do the following... ​Skype Chat Play Minecraft Make Commentary...
  6. Keniisu

    Pawafuru Engine - Faction System | Updated 4/19/15!

    Please read our Terms of Use on your website! Our Site Link:     Poll Details: Faction Abilities: Adds the option to allow certain things to occur after a rank has been reached. For example, if you reach  True Ally rank of a faction then you can recruit a member...
  7. Keniisu

    Octanis: The Legendary Thief | Demo Available!

    What is Octanis: The Legendary Thief? Octanis is a game about a boy named Dutch. He was born into the legacy of his parents, Kast and Delpha, two master thieves who later founded "The School of Higher Arts". As he grew up he became...
  8. Keniisu

    Quest Log Script - Need some Help.

    Hi I'm currently making a quest log script and am wondering how to set-up the following... If Statements - Like..If [questid001] is complete, then activate this option of dialogue. Quest Info - ID, Quest Name, Description, Giver, and Location. Quest Start and End Commands - accept.questid001...
  9. Keniisu

    Custom_Scene Script Issues

    I am planning on making a custom scene and am having some issues with my script. I am supposed to have a black screen with a window at the top of the screen, but the project just freezes. This is the script. This is the tutorial I am following...
  10. Keniisu

    The RPG Creator Podcast | Episode 2 is Out!

    Hi!  :)   I am planning to start a podcast where I interview people who are currently working on their own game in the community. I decided to post this thread to see if anybody would be interested in either watching or coming on to do an show. The only rules I have are... Only people with...
  11. Keniisu

    Sneaking System with Various Features/Add-Ons

    Hi! I am wondering if anyone would be interested in a system sorta of like this. (It will be in my game called "Octanis: The Legendary Thief").   It will be a Sneaking System with view distance and a couple of other things. The system is based on how quickly you can sway from danger and keep...
  12. Keniisu

    Octanis: The Legendary Thief [Recruitment]

    What is Octanis: The Legendary Thief? Octanis is a game about a boy named Dutch. He was born into the legacy of his parents, Kast and Delpha, two master thieves who later founded "The School of Higher Arts". As he grew up he became more and more better at the art...
  13. Keniisu

    Smithing System

    Smithing System v1.0.0 Zarby and XenonCreations Introduction This script allows the player to smith weapons with a custom timing system. You can view weapon stats and descriptions as well. Terms of Use For free games you can include this script WITH CREDIT. For commercial games please contact...
  14. Keniisu

    Octanis [Recruitment]

    The Recruitment Thread What is this project? Well where do we start? Our main protagonist, Zunos has been always a man of trouble. Everywhere he went he had brought chaos and disruption in his path. Though recently he has decided to go under hiding, and with the gold he had earned from his...
  15. Keniisu

    Link - Heartfire Recruit Thread

    Link - Heartfire. Recruit Thread     Hi I'm Ken or otherwise know as Jnh29. I'm new here and today I'm creating a thread for Link - Heartfire. (I read the Rules and guidelines.) :)   GAME INFO Below... Plot: The game story is about a young apprentice to the king who gets sent to save her after...

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