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  1. Sketcy-Sketch

    RPG Maker VX Ace Won't open game editors

    Hello all! I haven't been on this website don't care to say how long! :kaoswt2: However, I thought of starting up again and going back to one of my old game files. I downloaded RPG Maker VX Ace onto my new computer after purchasing it on, it won't open the game...
  2. Sketcy-Sketch

    Movie File Won't Play (Black Screen)

    Hello everyone, thanks for your time. ♥ (I hope I'm posting this in the right place. Haven't logged on for a long time--like, since RPGM-Ace sort of long time...) Well, I've been working on a game and wanted to insert an opening video in MV (since I just bought it and have been playing...
  3. Sketcy-Sketch

    ..::Broeder: Secrets of Ohr::..

      Oopse! This is a little embarrassing, but this topic is under construction. I've been away for over a year (and I realized that it's been about 2 years since my Kickstarter). I am changing my approach to this project, so I have hidden the files temporarily to try and reintroduce it so...
  4. Sketcy-Sketch

    Resources for Commercial Projects

    Hello everyone! Thanks for your time. :) I just was curious about something that has greatly dealt a blow in the release date of my game project and game demo, which had been set to be released last spring, 2013. It has to do with commercial games, resources, and the terms of use that people...
  5. Sketcy-Sketch

    Star-like Speech Bubble Script

    Hello, everyone! Thanks so much for your time! In my old game, I used the Star Message System. It was quite lovely. I hate the way the default system looks. Now that I'm updating the game to Ace, I can't find it anywhere.  Well, since I decided to make my game commercial, I thought it best to...
  6. Sketcy-Sketch

    First Attempts At Spriting

    Hello everyone!    Sorry if I've put this in the wrong place.  I thought I would share my first attempt at spriting, hopefully to be followed by many more. I used a nude base from the RPG Maker VX generator.  The rest was drawn by hand and colored.  As you can tell, spriting is not my niche by...
  7. Sketcy-Sketch

    Howdy! (again)

    ~ HELLOOOOOOOOO AGAIN! ~   lol, I never really posted a farewell, but I noticed that I haven't been very active on this forum since saying my last hello.  Sorry about that. So, since Christmas break is approaching to give me more free time, I'd like to reintroduce myself to the community.  I'm...
  8. Sketcy-Sketch

    Custom Trees, Picket fence, sunflower

    Hello everyone!  Thank you for your time.  I really appreciate it. I was wondering if I may request some trees for my game.  Originally, I was using these trees, created by Benben and recolored by Hanzo Kimura.  I was able to obtain them when Kimura shared his resources after no longer pursuing...
  9. Sketcy-Sketch

    [VX Tile] Hornet Hive / Bee Hive Tileset

    Hello everyone!  Thanks so much for stopping by!  I was hoping that someone might be able to help me with some VX tiles in my game.  I was wanting tiles to make it look as though the characters are inside a hornet's nest. I'm not quite sure how to approach it, so I don't mind how the artist...
  10. Sketcy-Sketch

    Sprite Requests ;)

    Bump. ^_^
  11. Sketcy-Sketch

    Sketcy-Sketch's Goodwill Shop II

    Welcome to my RPG Goodwill Shop II! There are Battlers, some tiles, faces, portraits--you name it!! And, all of it is free to use so long as you give credit! Plus, I'd love it if you would send me a link to your game project if you use my resources. That way I can support you! So, here are the...

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