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  1. Tuxedo Leila

    Interacting with Environment

    When interacting with your environment in a game, do you prefer it when the messages are in 1st person, 2nd person, or 3rd person? Is it stated by the narrator, the player, or through a different character? Is the windowskin different from the one used in actual dialogue? For example, when the...
  2. Tuxedo Leila

    Leila's Art Dump

    I'm just gonna dump my art here instead of spamming status feed (my style is so inconsistent argh)   They are big files so beware!   Eyeless           Night Lady     Bedroom Blues   Ralph   Summer Time! WIP i should go to sleep now omg   Fire Lady   Forest Lady   Yu-Gi-Oh! Change of heart...
  3. Tuxedo Leila

    Leila's Portaits

    Hello there! This is where I post my portrait resources. Enjoy!! :) Facesets Portraits ~Elicia ~Maria ~Nora Credit: leilaheliday              Enterbrain For non-commercial use.
  4. Tuxedo Leila

    Leila's Resources

    Hiya! I'm here to share the resources I make! :)       What's New  Modern Tiles Little Mermaid Tiles Horror Tiles   *Tiles* Modern Tiles Horror Tiles Fairy Tale Tiles The Little Mermaid Baba Yaga Forest and Garden Tiles Rococo Tiles (Restaff Feb2015) Snowy Day Tiles Fantasy Tiles...

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