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  1. Puffer

    Which version of RPG Maker MV should I start with?

    I've been using vx ace for quite a while now, but I think it's finally time for me to make the change, but which version of RMMV should I start with? I know that MV have received a lot of update, and usually not all version will be compatible with some plugin. So should I go with the latest...
  2. Puffer

    Horror games design choices with RPG Maker

    For the last couple of months I've brainstorming about making my first ever game(by that I mean a project that I will actually finsh, hopefully). And during the process I have played a lot of horror game. Some of them are extremely good, while some stay a bit dissapointed for me. After I played...
  3. Puffer

    How well did your first game sell on the market?

    Just like the title, I was wondering how did your first game sell on a market like steam? How much copies did you sell at the first month and up until now? Did you receive a lot of reviews? I'm still trying to see is it really worth it to put a game on the market. Also, if you have your game...
  4. Puffer

    Parallax Mapping script for VX?

    Hello, I'm looking for a parallax mapping script for RPG Maker VX. I have spend some time searching on Google but most the result are for VX Ace and some VX script I found are all dead. So I hope if anybody have parallax mapping script for VX can send it to me. Also, if you can then I'm also...
  5. Puffer

    My problem with the Classifieds section

    Classifieds section is on the best thing this forum have to offer. It's very convenient, because it allow people like me to my portfolio for paid work , without having to create a website for it and such. But there is one problem I have noticed for a while is that there are a lot of people who...
  6. Puffer

    What to do if you can't come up with a good story?

    I have been thinking about making a game for a while that heavily depend on story like To The Moon. Some ideas does pop up after watching some movie like: the shape of voice, your name or firework should we see it from the side or the bottom,... but they never ends up suiting me and seem to be...
  7. Puffer

    FREE Need writer for a short project!

    Hello, I'm Knayter and I'm an Indie Developer. So apparently, I have try to write some story for a short game with the duration around 30 minutes to 1 hour. But since writing isn't my strong point, I have struggling a lot when I have to write script for my game, so I come here to asking you guys...
  8. Puffer

    What do you think about the new Steam Direct ?

    So Valve has released Steam Direct, which is going to be a system that will replaced for Steam Greenlight, every game submitted to Steam now will cost 100$ each. In case you miss it, here is the full post form Steam: What do you think about the Steam Direct system? Leave your thoughts here!
  9. Puffer

    [RGSS3] Loading System?

    Hey, I'm looking for script that replace the black screen delay before most of scene such as map, title screen,save,.. I want player to know the loading and stuff so they don't thing that the game is crashed or something when they get transfer to new map, especially parallax mapping map, which...
  10. Puffer

    Doll Character?

    Resource Type: Characters Maker Format: XP,VX,Ace,MV Art Style: none Description: A doll sprite, like teddy bear or actual doll, with moving animation. I will use them for a horror game. Thank you first!
  11. Puffer

    [closed for now] Not your ideal mapping workshop

    closed. sorry... not really...
  12. Puffer

    Parallax Mapping Water?

    So I've seen a lot of great mapping with animated water such as these is there a tutorial for that? Most of tutorial i've seen is just using the default water titles form RPG Maker Map Editor. P/s: Sorry if I post in wrong place
  13. Puffer

    Yanfly System Option as a new command

    So is there a way that Yanfly's System Option is a new command, no longer replace the Game End command? Link to the script here
  14. Puffer

    [VXA] Blur AutoShadow Layer

    Just like in the title, is there a script that blur the Autoshadow layer since rpg maker autoshadow look odd.
  15. Puffer

    Fix Broken Project

    Hello, I'm having a really bad day! Today, when i'm open my project, i get the unexpected file format error. I meet the error for a while, its not a problem, so i use my backup project instead! And suprisingly all are broken! So i create a new project and copy all the file form the orginal...
  16. Puffer

    Detect Mouse Click with Shaz Super Simple Mouse System

    I'm using the Shaz Super Simple Mouse System, a convert form RMXP Mouse script by Near Fantastica and SephirothSpawn. The script is really amazing but there is one thing bother me. Is there any script call that i can detect if player left click,right click,..? just like Input Trigger. Here is...
  17. Puffer

    [VXA]Title Screen Command get cuted?

    So i messing around with Window_Title Command, i change the font and the font size. It worked really great but the text get cuted ? Is there anyway to increase the space between each command?
  18. Puffer

    More Blend Mode ?

    I'm using parallax mapping to draw my map(I use photoshop cs6 for it) when i draw the lighting in soft light blend mode and it look really good when i export it.    But when i export the lighting and insert it in(i let opacity still 100 and blend mode turn in to normal) when i insert it to...
  19. Puffer

    KUL - Item Lantern 's Battery System?

    Is there any way to create a Item Lantern 's battery system with HUD. I try it with common event, even edit the script to create it :/  Can somebody help me ? P/s : I lost the help file of KUL , can someone send me it?
  20. Puffer

    Ruby and RGSS

    I was wonder how to code for rmvxa. So i try to learn with the Slip into Ruby lesson on the forum. Honestly, I can't understand too much Do I need to learn Ruby before RGSS3 or I could learn RGSS 3 instantly?

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