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  1. RMMV Need help with Moghunter Action Name plugin

    Hello, I need help with Moghunter action name plugin. Is it possible to edit the icon position so it's always a few pixels in front of the action name regardless of skill name length? The plugin has an option to edit icon position Y, but it's for fixed position. In other words, if I edit the...
  2. Remove status effect with equipment change

    In battles, is it possible to remove a status effect if the character changes equipment?
  3. RMMV Looking for menu transition/fade plugin

    Hello, I am looking for RMMV menu transition/fade in plugin. I've tried Galv's menu fade plugin and PixelDOG's menu tween, both have capability issues. Galv's plugin doesn't work with Yanfly's keyboard input, PixelDOG's menu tween doesn't work with alt menu nor Yanfly's main menu manager. Any...
  4. RMMV Which plugin is this?

    At 0:25 of this video: Enemies have some sort of semi transparent outline in the background, anyone know which plugin was used to achieve this? I don't think that's the filter plugin shown in the video?
  5. How to turn off a switch before map transitions

    Hello, I am looking for a way to turn off a switch before the player got transferred to another map in an event. Are there any plugin or parallel event that can do this? I know I can manually add a line to turn off the switch before the transfer player event. But my game has over 150 maps...
  6. Emotionally satisfying final boss battle

    Hello, I am looking for some advice on designing memoriable final boss battle. It seems that it's easy to fall into the trap of "just give it the highest stat with the strongest attack possible in game". Are there any better way to create an emotional satisfying final battle? Any good ideas...
  7. How to create a "jump" attack that fires off mid turn?

    Hello, I am using yanflys plugin and tips and tricks to create jump attacks similar to the one in FF. However this move seems to execute the attack before a turn start without considering the speed of the character and the skill. Is it...
  8. On map HUD

    Hello, I am looking for a plugin similar to this: biud436's plugin is exactly what I need except it cant display status ailments on the map. I am looking for something that can display HP/MP and status ailments...
  9. Question about corrupted .rpgproject file

    My Game.rpgproject file corrupted today, I forgot how it happened, maybe it's from a faulty windows shutdown or something. I tried to recover my corrupted file by replacing corrupted Game.rpgproject with a much older file from my backup drive, and I was able to re-open my project again. To my...
  10. Revive spell

    Hello, I would like to make a revive spell that can only be used on a dead character. I set the scope to 1 alley (dead) but it's still usable on a character without knockout status. I wonder if there are any ways to solve this? Thank you
  11. Transition effect with a character/event on top

    I am looking for some advice on creating transition effect with a character or event on top of the effect. Visual reference from FF6: Starting from 14:22, the main character was on the map screen, then the screen fade into black screen with the character on top of the black screen. If I use...
  12. Adding a variable if a skill used

    Hello all, I need some advice on increasing a variable whenever a magic skill is used. In my game whenever a skill or magic is used, a variable(Let's call it magic skill points for now) will increase, then the player can use this magic skill points to upgrade their character. In battle...
  13. How to make environmental story telling engaging?

    I have been making a game that focuses on environmental story telling. The main characters are silent protagonists with minimal dialogue, and most of the story are told through books and location design. Many puzzles and boss battles require collecting information on the map to continue...
  14. Idle Regen Passive Ability.

    Hello all, I am trying to create a passive ability which lets the player regen HP every 3 seconds when they stand still on the map. Once they start walking they no longer regen HP. Can this be done with common event? Thank you.

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