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  1. VirusChris

    Side-View Sprites as Over World Sprites?

    I'm not sure if this is where I should post this question, but I'm not seeing a category for Requests/Questions so I hope it's fine here. I'm asking if there's a Plugin or a possibility to use a different kind of spritesheet for Over World Sprites. Basically instead of the 4 (or 3) sprites for...
  2. VirusChris

    The TP System: How much can I change it?

    Without using Yanfly's Plugins? Well her (I believe Yanfly's a she... I never ask and assumed) TP Plugins are more like making TP Modes similar to FFX's Overdrive modes which is NOT what I'm looking for, but might in case I need to tweak the TP system a little. Sorry if this has been asked...
  3. VirusChris

    Is there a way to make Monster Rancher-like game?

    Sorry. I have no idea where to post this kind of question as I only see "Plugin" Request and no regular Request board, so I'm posting it here. Please let me know if I put it in the wrong area and tell me where to go so I know next time. Anyway onto my question! For those of you old school...
  4. VirusChris

    Dark Cloud Weapon Plugin Request

    I'm a little shock that the Dark Cloud Weapon script from VX and VX Ace never carried over to MV yet. Anyway, I want to request this Plugin as I'm looking for a Plugin that allows you to power up and evolve your weapon from using it in battle and earning Weapon EXP from defeated enemies. For...
  5. VirusChris

    [REQUEST/MV] Skill Sealing/Jamming Plugin

    Hey there, another request from me that I hope can be made in the future one day I as I like to have something like this for one of my future RPG Projects. This one might be another challenging Plugin for MV to make, but I wouldn't mind getting help with making this as for the one RPG I...
  6. VirusChris

    [REQUEST/MV] Weakness Exploit Shown system

    Hey there! Been a long time since I was on these forum, though sadly busy with a lot of stuff including my PC's HDD crashing and having all of my data locked up in it so I have no current means to access those old data I saved for 3 years without backing any of them up. Well that's not why I'm...
  7. VirusChris

    Adding in a Petrified Status Effect in MV?

    Hey there, seeing as I took a look at what the MV's Database is like recently and see what you can come up with, this is a mighty impressive toolset to use and you can make sure interesting states. However there is one state that baffles me a bit that isn't include in RPG Maker even though it...
  8. VirusChris

    [SOLVED] Petrify or Incapacitated Script?

    Hey there! I'm looking for a simple script that allows you to have a special status effect that freezes the party to prevent them from attacking nor can they be attacked by enemy troops and is similar to the KO'd status that where if everyone is petrified or stone'd it's a Game Over. Been...
  9. VirusChris

    Some game features I like to discuss

    Well I'm not sure where to start or if I'm posting this right, but here goes. I have several ideas to work on some RPGs using MV, though I hope I get some help on them a bit to make them the way I want. Though my first project will be a Test Project to see if I can get the features I want and...

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