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  1. Problems with VN Maker

    BUMP: Edited a new problem to the OP post regarding backlog.
  2. Problems with VN Maker

    You are an absolute legend. Works like a charm! EDIT: Found another issue with NVL style. Edited main post.
  3. Problems with VN Maker

    Yami literally fixes one thing at the moment, and I didn't mention it in my post because it's already been fixed.
  4. Problems with VN Maker

    So I've been playing around on VN Maker for the past few hours, testing a few of the commands, and I've come across these issues. Please let me know if I'm doing things wrongly, or if these functions (especially the text one which I feel is very important) are just not implemented...
  5. Scariest VN?

    It's not that scary. Just disturbing in some parts. The meta-world concept is interesting at first, but the novelty soon wears off. It's a short game though, so I'd give it a go.
  6. NaNoWriMo 2017

    I did the challenge in October since November is a busy month for me. Whacked out the 50 000th word just before midnight, even though the novel is barely halfway through. It's definitely stressing and at times you get existential crisis, but I can say that it's definitely worth it since at the...
  7. Visual Novel Maker

    Welp, time to come out of game-making retirement. I only wish all the default characters were released so I can start writing, just in time for NaNoWriMo too.
  8. Silver Town (Final Version)

    I am very happy to see this game finally finished. I can still remember back in the early days of development, and I must say that I'm impressed to see how far this has come. I tip my hat to you, good sir. The improvement is real.
  9. How are visual novels structured?

    It's pretty much structured like a book, except somewhere down the middle you get to make choices which may affect the story (eg. date sim aspect, bad endings, different route). However, like normal books, you can pretty much structure them however you want. The vn Ever17 is one of the few ones...
  10. Visual Novel Ideas

    I didn't say RM is not capable to making a vn, it's more than capable. I just said Ren'py accomplishes the same thing but with far less effort and more simplicity. I have tried making vn's on both and I can vouch for this. The only thing RM would excel at is if the game had RPG elements (aka...
  11. Visual Novel Ideas

    In terms of using RPG maker for a VN, take note that To the Moon isn't a real visual novel. A true visual novel requires many graphical assets (backgrounds, character expressions, CGs) but is a lot better for conveying story. In fact, it's actually pretty hard to make a story oriented game where...
  12. Visual Novel Ideas

    Younger brother has a terminal illness, older brother always looks out for the younger brother and protects him from bullies and stuff. Sometime near the start he learns that the younger brother only has until his next birthday to live, and the older brother wants to fulfill his younger...
  13. Nusakana

    Definitely looks worthy to pay money for. Better than some of the other (shudder) RPG Maker stuff on Steam. Upvoted.
  14. Random Art Thread

    From the visual novel "If my Heart had Wings". I just like drawing random anime stuff :D
  15. 2014 Indie Game Maker Contest

    Just another question- where it says judges play for around an hour, does that include talking to every npc, and examining every small thing, or will they just prioritize the main storyline? Or will they play a "good" entry again, except examining it in detail the second time?
  16. 2014 Indie Game Maker Contest

    Are we allowed to use sample maps, provided we give credit?
  17. Goodbye

    That's the spirit!! This community should be able to answer all your questions, it's answered all of mine! There isn't really a great difference between trial/lite/full verison for beginners. When you start out it's just finding how mapping, eventing and databasing work. Until you get those...
  18. When do you stop making games?

    Just stop if you're too busy or forcing yourself to work on it. I usually go through phases where sometimes I just open up rpg maker and work on my game for a few days in a row, and other times i don't touch it for a few months. Like you, i am also a student, and i make games as more of a...
  19. I just found a super fun RPG personality test :)

    I'm a Mirror Mage... sounds cool!
  20. Cromwell: The Eternal Promise [ NEW DEMO AVAILABLE!]

    I'm still a bit confused as to why diagonal movement is not supported in this game. Tried XAS Ace demo, and it comes with diagonal movement, works fine.

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