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  1. The Lost One

    your pet at their best moment!

    We got her from the Animal Shelter so we do not know for sure what kind of breed she got. We are thinking she got a bit of a Abyssinian in her. For sure an eastern breed as she is high on the feet. Her head for that profile and she is slender. (She is about 8 years old now) Most normal...
  2. The Lost One

    your pet at their best moment!

    This is Sheeba our beautiful but arrogant model cat. I call her a model because she is great at staring in the camera and all still. (:
  3. The Lost One

    Joined The Crowd!

    You have no idea how many times I have heard that :3 I use that name a lot around hehe xD You will get used to it! If you talk with me a lot :D Thanks, Archery is quite a calm sport to do actually :D *Takes the cookies* You are free to come over! I can teach yo archery! I self-taught myself xD...
  4. The Lost One

    Joined The Crowd!

    Hello! My name is Lost and I am from the Netherlands. About 10 days ago I bought the RPG Maker VX Ace and have been messing around with it since that day. I love it very much and I continue on learning more.  I am not a person that is afraid to test out things. so I try out a lot. I get more...

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