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  1. Saneterre

    Problem with terms of use

    Hello everyone. I have problems with Celianna's products terms of use. On her site, many packs say that they are "usable on any game engine". (Ancient dungeon pack for example). However, when I do buy them and look at the readme file inside the folder, it says that the pack can only be used to...
  2. Saneterre

    A rotating gold coin

    Hello everyone, I'm making a game where you need to collect some gold coins or stars. I'd like to make it rotate, to have a better visual effect when you see them in the dungeons. The default gold coin from vx ace would be great : I will use it in MV (this one is actually remade for MV by...
  3. Saneterre

    How to position your actors during battles

    Hello everyone, this one will sound easy for some of you I guess, but I'd like to know how to position actors during battles. I'd like to have one in the front and one in the back for example, or to have more space between characters if I only want to use a party of two. How do I do all that ...
  4. Saneterre

    I need a character sprite from VX ace to MV

    Hello everyone, I use a character sprite in my vx ace game, and I want that character to appear in the MV sequel. However, just enlarging the file gives horrible results, so I'm looking for someone who could create this character sprite in an MV size. (I tried with the generator, but the black...
  5. Saneterre

    A plugin to use the numeric keypad

    Hello everyone, I'm making a maths game on MV, where you have to give the results of calculations/operations. On PC, it would be extremely helpful (and logical) to be able to use the numeric keypad to input the number directly, instead of using up and down arrows to generate the number...
  6. Saneterre

    Putting names automatically

    Here is the thing : I would like to have a plugin that would make it so that when you choose the picture of your character in a text box, automatically adds his name in a little box above. Currently, using one of yanfly plugin, you can put a name above the text box. For example for a character...
  7. Saneterre

    xbox one controller not working

    Hello, I'm using MV, it's up to date, and I have a logitech controller which workks without any problem. However, I bought an xbox one controller (wired) but it doesn't work (it does work with all my other games, just not with MV). Has anybody else encountered that problem ? How do you fix it...
  8. Saneterre

    Compatibility between products

    Hello, My title might be a little misleading, but what I'd like to know is : can I use graphic or music assets from every program sold here on this site (ig maker, visual novel maker, manga maker) in rpg maker ? I mean for a commercial game of course. Thanks
  9. Saneterre

    Yanfly's party system, and how to stop it

    Hello everyone, I have a problem with Yanfly's party system. I would like to be able to change my party member only in some location, but not all the time. One of the commands of the plugins seems it could alow you to do that (OpenPartyMenu) if only you could turn off the formation option in...
  10. Saneterre

    The Legends of Saneterre - The Imprisoned Soul

      The Legends of Saneterre - The imprisoned soul   Hello everyone ! I've started to develop this new project on RPG Maker VX Ace. As you could guess on the title screen, this game is developped in French. However, it will be released almost simultaneously in English so I wanted to...
  11. Saneterre

    YEP Item synthesis modification

    Hello everyone, I'm having a little problem with Yanfly's item synthesis plugin : I think that when you're about to forge items, in particular weapons and armours, we should see which character will be able to equip the forged item and how it will modify the stats. My test players find it...
  12. Saneterre

    HP/MP regeneration only in battle

    Hello everyone, I'm having a little problem with regeneration (had the same with VX Ace) : I want to create accessories that can regenerate HP/MP, but I only want them to work during battles. Currently, it seems that the regeneration works outside of battles too, which is a game-breaker ...
  13. Saneterre

    Does ******* make a game become commercial ?

    Hello everyone ! Many members share great ressources on the forum. Some of them allow people to use the ressources for free as long as the game is not commercial. Selling a game is obviously commercial but it's not as obvious with *******. If I make a game available for free, but create...
  14. Saneterre

    The Legends of Saneterre - The Fall of the Angels

      "The Legends of Saneterre - The Fall of the Angels" is a traditional RPG. It takes place in the same universe as a novel I published called "The Legends of Saneterre - The Endless Cycle" (only available in French). However, the video game will be completely playable and understandable...
  15. Saneterre

    Problem with rpg_core and auto tiles

    Hello everyone. I tried to find a solution and didn't manage to. I have a problem with my lava/water tiles. The animation is just horrible. See here : I can't update my rpg core because of that. It only works correctly with the very first version of rpg_core.js. But...
  16. Saneterre

    Regeneration only during battles

    Hello everyone. I need some help. I would like the "Hp/MP/TP regeneration rate" to only work during turns of battles but not outside of battles. I've just found out that regeneration applies after a certain number of steps, but I really don't want that. How can I do that ? Is there a script...
  17. Saneterre

    Victor Sant site down and consequences

    Hello. I've been making a game for the last 6 months, using many scripts made by Victor Sant (animated battlers but many more). However the site exists no more : It's very recent. Those scripts are not free for commercial use but my game...

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