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  1. Aureus

    My game doesn't work for some of my players

    Hello there. The majority of my players play my game without problems, but some of them can't even start it. Here is a description what's happening to them. Can anyone help me? I really don't know what can be an issue.
  2. Aureus

    The Tavern - RPG/Visual Novel hybrid - now available on Steam

    Hello, fellow gamers! I'm happy to announce that in a couple of hours after writing this post The Tavern, an RPG-Visual Novel hybrid, is going to be available on Steam at a price of 4.99 USD! The game has a lot of text and is focused on plot and immersive dialogues. During the playthrough you...
  3. Aureus

    Complicated help request - changing title screen based on in-game events

    Hello gals and guys! I'm not a programmer myself and even though I found many plugins allowing to manipulate a title screen and the Common Events, I can't figure out what steps should I make to achieve my goal: In my game I have multiple plot branches. Some of the actions made by the player...
  4. Aureus

    RMMV "The Tavern" looks for betatesters

    Hello there! Many months ago I posted the first version of my RPG Maker project which I want to release commercially. Finally the first prototype of the game is finished and I would be very happy if you would PM me to get a link to the closed beta - I'm looking for feedback and criticism in hope...
  5. Aureus

    The engine rejects my big BGM files

    I have a major problem and I need an advice. My game contains some heavy BGM files and I just realized the engine does not want to run if it has to use these files. For example, one of the songs has 22 MB. When I run the game, it crashes when it wants to use this song. But when I cut out 60% of...
  6. Aureus

    Customizing the Options Menu

    Hi! I would like to remove some of the choices from the game's Options, to be specific: ME Volume, BGS Volume and "Command Remember" (RMMV). Can someone suggest what shall I to accomplish that?
  7. Aureus

    The Tavern - a dark fantasy roleplaying adventure - first DEMO

    Shalom, shalom! I have finished creating the first demo of "The Tavern" - a dark fantasy roleplaying adventure. This demo includes the majority of first day of 3-day adventure and it's purpose is to discuss the overall value of the game with you. My goal is to create...
  8. Aureus

    [RMMV] Tile request - bedrolls, sleeping on a floor

    Madams and gents! In most medieval-fantasy taverns and inns people were not always able to sleep in a private room and often had to lay down in a common room on a bench, a table or - if they were experienced travellers - in a bedroll or other "transportable bed" on the floor. I need this...
  9. Aureus

    Visual Novel choices in more "fantasy" design

    Hello! I'm working on a little game of mine and I have a small problem. Since in my game dialogues and choices are a core part of the gameplay (even in the battle system), I decided to use the Galv's Visual Novel Choices for RPG Maker MV. Unfortunatelly even though they are helping me a lot...
  10. Aureus

    Mercenary: The Tavern - dark fantasy story-oriented adventure

    Hello there! I'm an RPG Maker beginner and I spent over 80 hours trying to create the foundation of the game I always wanted to play myself, but was never able to have such a chance. It's gameplay and various ambitious attempts I tried to introduce keep making me unsure - is this something...
  11. Aureus

    MV: Looking for a Winged-Hourglass Tombstone

    Hi! I need and desire a tile / group of tiles presenting a tombstone with a winged-hourglass emblem - the hourglass may be either engraved in a rock, in a gravestone or it can be a single-standing winged hourglass with a lot of transparent pixels as well. Examples from Google. I want it to...
  12. Aureus

    How to change the way equipment is ordered

    I hope it's not a dumbass question since I didn't find a solution by googling. Is there a way to decide how the in-game equipment will be ordered? In my game the alphabetical order would be essential and I saw other RPG Maker games using this type of ordering - although they were based on...
  13. Aureus

    Is there like "one-sided passable tile" option?

    Hi guys! I tried to make the player's character taller in Gimp and it went ok, however I failed the interaction with nearby surroundings. I've shown the examples on the attached picture. Basically I know how it works - a terrain marked with a star wants to be "above" the character and this...
  14. Aureus

    Border / Frame about a player when behind a tile

    Hello there! I'm a complete RPMV noob and even though I was looking for an answer for quite some time I don't think anyone have done a plug-in related to this. Maybe you will help me find it, before I try to post a request. I really hope I haven't broke any rules while writing this post. What...

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