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  1. bananatron

    Hidden enemies take no damage

    Is there a way to have enemies that aren't 'appeared' take no damage with multiple enemy targeted skills? Currently, if I use a skill that targets all enemies, the ones that haven't appeared also take damage. Maybe there is a better way of introducing them into battle rather than having them...
  2. bananatron

    Font padding

    I'm not sure if this is where this belongs but I'm looking for where/how I'd change the font padding and/or origin for text in the default menus. When using some custom fonts the text gets cut off at the beginning of the selection and it I'd like to give each selection a few pixels more wiggle...
  3. bananatron

    Conditional skills by party members

    I'm not sure if what I'm looking for can be accomplished with events, but I'm hoping it can. Essentially, I'm trying to make a skill which is used on allies, where the effect is unique dependent on the actor casting it and the ally receiving it (or their classes, whichever is easier). The...
  4. bananatron

    Keeping a variable positive

    Is there any easy way to ensure a variable doesn't become a negative number throughout the course of the game? My thought is to create a parallel common event that just checks if the variable is 0 or less and resets it to 0 if that condition is met but that may be overly complicated? Thanks!

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