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  1. Michael Dionne

    YEP_CoreEngine_PlatformPreparator (a mod to support 70+ devices/platforms!!)

    MODERATOR MESSAGE: This plugin no longer follow Yanfly's terms of use. If you do own the plugin and got it before Yanfly changed his license (before October 27th 2019), you can still use it but please refrain from sharing this plugin. Thank you. YEP_CoreEngine_PlatformPreparator 1.0 MICHAEL...
  2. Michael Dionne

    BattleStatusWindowsHeight plugin

    BattleStatusWindowsHeight 1.0 MICHAEL DIONNE DOWNLOAD (.js file): Introduction Simply allows the developer to easily control the height of the battle status window by defining how many lines to display (default is 5). Useful for smaller...
  3. Michael Dionne


    Portraits 1.6 MICHAEL DIONNE DOWNLOAD (.js file): ------------------------------------------- UPDATE! For version 1.1 please head over here instead: FIXED / ADDED: -Corrections in descriptions, with default values...
  4. Michael Dionne

    Skipping all animations during battles for faster pace when a particular key is held down?

    An interesting function would be that you could speed through the battles if you press something (example, hold a key like Enter or Space bar). Instead of seeing the attack and magic animations every time, which needs to be played and entirely completed before the battle flow chains, holding...
  5. Michael Dionne

    WIN a battle even if some enemy is still alive, and make it always unselectable?

    Hi, Any idea how to WIN a battle even if some enemy is still alive? And any idea how to make it always unselectable during battle? I am making trees as enemies, so enemies and battlers actually have correct z-sorting with environment props like trees, rocks, etc. The trees appear in front and...

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