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  1. Art by WrittenDusk

    Thanks for noticing it!
  2. Art by WrittenDusk

    Thanks for letting me know! I have checked for this problem, on different devices and browsers, and the images seem to be displaying properly. I'll keep an eye on this.
  3. Art by WrittenDusk

    Fan Art added: Mordred Alter - Fate/Grand Order
  4. Art by WrittenDusk

    Original Artwork added: For Us... Very proud of this one.
  5. Art by WrittenDusk

    Thanks! I'm not looking for a project at the moment though. But if it's one or two character designs to help get things going, I can help with that.
  6. Art by WrittenDusk

  7. Art by WrittenDusk

    Fan Art Added: Fan Art: Arash - Fate/Grand Order Tried some new things. So far, so good.
  8. Art by WrittenDusk

  9. Art by WrittenDusk

    Fan Art Added: Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers - Viera Gunbreaker
  10. Art by WrittenDusk

    Original Artwork Added: Reminiscence
  11. Art by WrittenDusk

  12. Art by WrittenDusk

    Thanks for posting it! I'm glad I got to see it! Please feel free to post your next attempt here as well, if you ever get around to it. Once again thanks for sharing.
  13. Art by WrittenDusk

    Wow! This is kind of amazing hearing someone say they re-drew one of my drawings. I don't know what's the best way of saying this, but I'm honoured to hear you did that. If possible I'd like to see your version of the drawing.
  14. Art by WrittenDusk

    No problem. Glad you like them!
  15. Art by WrittenDusk

    New Artwork added. A relaxing drawing requested by DarkHunter.
  16. Art by WrittenDusk

    Thank you very much!
  17. Art by WrittenDusk

    Thanks! I'm glad you like my drawings.
  18. Art by WrittenDusk

    Original Artwork added: Another Moment's Appreciation For those interested, I've created a resource workshop for character design assistance. Please check the thread out for more information.
  19. WrittenDusk's Character Design Assistance Workshop [Slots 0/1]

    Welcome to "WrittenDusk's Character Design Assistance Workshop" Artist's Introduction: I'm a self proclaimed artist working towards improving and making myself known. I draw original art and fan art on a semi regular basis. Procrastination and skill limitations prevent me from releasing more...
  20. Art by WrittenDusk

    Original Artwork added: Swordsman Toa You can find a more "zoomed out" version of this drawing here on my blog.

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